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Boca Vapes came to my attention through a friend of mine who sells his own E-juice, and he was vaping this brand in lieu of his own creations… so I figured it would be pretty good.  I can say that G-Spot is different than many of the other strawberry/banana concoctions I’ve tried.  But I honestly preferred my friend’s strawberry/banana attempt to this one.  It is certainly sweet and there is a touch of flavor present, but just not up to that “Great” level.  The price, however, is very attractive.

This is the first juice I’ve come across that almost requires a drip to release the flavor… Even after steeping.  I could hardly taste anything through a clearomizer or eGo-C plastic cartridge.  Dripping, however, released a full bouquet of strawberry and banana flavors, albeit candied varieties of those flavors (think Runts).  It would appear that there is an ongoing trend, especially with fruit flavored E-juices, where flavors are either natural or what I like to call “candied” versions.  Some taste like their actual namesake, and others are flavored more like the hard candy versions of their namesake.  G-Spot (to me at least) was more, like I stated above, like a mouth full of strawberry and banana runts… which is not necessarily a bad thing.  I’ll murder a two pound bag of runts in one theatrical viewing of Phonebooth (which had a running time of just over an hour, if you remember).  Boca Vapes, in this respect, has hit a home run.  But if you’re looking for a more natural flavor, you’d be better served by a bottle of Mr. Nice Guy’s Strawberry/Banana, and remember to use a direct drip atomizer.

Because I had to use direct drip to get the full effect out of this one (which I prefer not to have to do because I’m lazy and I “chain vape,” and I don’t like having to drip in more liquid every ten minutes or so), it was difficult to assess the throat hit and vapor production of Boca Vape’s G-Spot E-juice.  As those of you who drip know, direct drip increases vapor and TH tenfold.  So I rated these two categories with a normal clearo, and suffered the weakened flavor just for you, the reader (sympathy donations accepted).  Through both an eGo-C and Megatwix atomizer, the throat hit and vapor production were what I’d call “average:” and 80 and 83 on my 100 point scale, respectively.  Not bad, but leaving a little to be desired.  And the aroma emitted in the vapor (both through a clearo and direct drip) is one of a candy factory, again not necessarily a bad thing.

If you’re a fan of direct drip atomizers (I still prefer clearomizers, myself) and you’re looking for that theater box of candy flavor, possibly to vape whilst sitting in a movie theater because… ya know… we can do that now, then Boca Vapes’ G-Spot is definitely for you.  Also, if you’re looking for a good E-juice available at 10ml for under $5.00, again G-Spot is for you.  If you’re like me, however, and you suffer from E-Liquid Snobbery Syndrome, there are slightly higher quality options available out there…


  1. E-liquid Snobbery Syndrome is a truly devastating affliction at times. I feel alienated from some of my friends/family members because I just don’t understand how they can possibly vape MBV. If their taste level is that unrefined, what does that say about their choices in friends? About me? Oh, the pain… And my bank account suffers immensely for this ailment. To my knowledge there is no cure. The only treatments are palliative, and for me they are vapes from Ahlusion, Vapetrik, and anything my dealer Joe Fucking Castro dreams up.