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Pure SELECT- Menthol Chill


Whenever I discover a new, locally owned and operated (local to Melbourne, FL, that is) I review them immediately.  I have learned to really appreciate local, small businesses over the last few years.  There’s always a higher level of quality, and a more personal touch than there is in massive conglomerate corporations.  Pure has opened two retail locations in Melbourne, FL, and I had to check them out.  And I have to say, they aren’t bad.  Their Menthol Chill flavor is the first one I’ve had the privilege of trying.  It’s menthol-ly to say the least, and even has a bit of a breath mint quality to it.

Pure SELECT’S Menthol Chill, as stated above, packs a heavy menthol punch, along with an underlying and complimentary mintiness reminiscent of a cooling, flavor-packed breath mint.  This is definitely an E-juice that announces exactly what flavor it’s supposed to be the second it’s vapor passes your lips.  As the vapor passes over your tongue, it awakens every taste-bud along the way, and the inhale would cool the most Streptococcal-irritated throat out there.  The exhale pushes that cool breath out there for the rest of the world to enjoy.  I even asked some friends to smell my exhaled breath and they all said that it smelled minty.  The only problem (if you can call it a problem) is that the flavor is almost too powerful, but if you’re into mint and menthol-based E-juices… you’ll really appreciate this one.  It’s also a good juice to use in cocktails with other strong flavors.  I mixed it with a little of MNG (Mr. Nice Guy) Vape’s standard Blueberry and the resulting vape was spectacular.

Your throat will really enjoy the inhalation of Pure’s Menthol Chill vapor.  It could be a little weaker on the “chill” effect and stronger on the “smoke” effect… but I’m really just splitting hairs there.  The vapor production is nice and thick, producing large, billowing clouds, even after a filtration trip through the lungs.  I guess if I had to pick an actual, analog tobacco cigarette out there that most closely resembles Menthol Chill, I’d have to go with a Camel Menthol with the little “Crush” ball popped.  Mint on top of mint on top of mint.

This juice by Pure SELECT would be a great starter E-liquid for someone who is just beginning to make the transition into vaping from menthol cigarette smoking.  I plan on heading over to Pure’s retail location and trying out a few more of their flavors.  I’m not sure that they’ll replace Mr Nice Guy Vape as my favorite, but they’re right up there near the same level, and I really like the variety of E-cigarette equipment/mods/etc. available in their store.  Kudos, Pure SELECT, for building a respectable Melbourne E-cig business!