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EXTREMELY Unethical Business Alert!



Something has come to my attention that I feel every E-cigarette user should know about, especially retail stores, vendors, and distributors.  I’m not ready yet to reveal any sources on this story until I learn more about it.  Suffice it to say, I have a number of friends who work in various areas of the E-cig industry, and they are the ones I’ve heard of this from on more than one occasion:

Apparently, “someone” has been contacting retail outlets around the country… particularly in the Northeast/New England area… and offering to supply them with an entire inventory of E-cig equipment, cartridges, E-liquids, etc. for FREE in exchange for whatever inventory they are already carrying.  In other words, someone with incredibly deep pockets, is shelling out tons of money to get their foot in the doors of every retailer their greedy little hands can grab, at an extreme loss, just to wipe all of their small business competitors out completely.  I can hardly think of anything more wholly despicable than this.  And I also can hardly think of any company besides three specific companies (that I’m sure you can guess) financially capable of pulling off a stunt like this.

I’m going to attempt to gather more information on this, because I don’t want to start throwing accusations around without proof… and because I don’t want to get sued for the $1.27 I have in my checking account.  However, in the meantime, it would behoove us all, regardless of our own inter-manufacturer competition, to turn these offers away.  I’m sure they’ll try to make it as attractive and lucrative as possible… but in the long run, this could destroy the E-cigarette industry as we know it, and replace it with just another Big Tobacco product chuck full of “additives” that are ten times more addictive and dangerous than nicotine by itself.  We can also spread the word to others so they don’t fall victim to this horribly unethical business smash-and-grab job being perpetrated by someone who does not want to share the market with anyone and is willing to destroy anything in it’s path to monopolize the industry.


  1. Don’t know of ANY vendor.. that would FALL for, or agree to, that … or anything remotely close?? That being said, if they were to get wiped out for giving away their entire inventory & being completely naive based on a hope & a prayer ………… Well, then DUH to them!?! Don’t understand what the Earth-shattering issue is… let alone think it calls for sounding any alarms!

  2. This has happened to me three times since I opened my online store in June and I don’t even have a brick and mortar yet! On one occasion, I even made an appointment with the “buyer” to see what was up, we met in his Cheesy shop with all crap equipment and he went on and on about how he would buy my inventory and replace it with his “line” of “quality equipment and eLiquid”.

    His eLiquid was been mixed on a counter in the middle of the store and it was obviously just cheap Chinese, I tried a sample, it was VILE. His equipment was all clones and badly made at that!

    I ended up laughing in his face when a polite “no” would not suffice, he even wanted me to sign up for a pyramid scheme where I would then go out and sell the same idea to other shops.

    Hopefully no one will be foolish enough to fall for anything like this. I have a small but growing business and I plan on opening a B&M soon, but I am building my business the real way, one quality sale after another!

    The Vapor Lady Lounge

    • I think what will actually happen is that Big Tobacco will crush a portion of the E-liquid/E-cig market. They aren’t the only ones who now how to fit through loopholes. Unfortunately, it’ll probably only be the larger E-juice companies that pull through. All of the smaller ones won’t be able to afford the lab equipment and taxation that will be required of them. It’s a shame, but I see Big Tobacco shooting themselves in the foot here by pushing their own E-cig brands at the same time they try to crush E-cigarettes. They can’t have it both ways… not completely. And the cat’s already out of the bag. They can’t just make people forget that E-cigarettes ever existed.

  3. The media is already starting to tell the general public how to feel about electronic cigarettes. We are a small family online only business. We’ve already had many friends and family members (non-smokers) contacting us, telling us how the government will probably be shutting us down very soon. Very upsetting since we just recently got started. Oh well! Still trying to get as many smokers as possible to quit smoking. Here’s a link to an article I wrote today in response to all of this:

    • GREAT article!!!
      I was in my Dr’s office today with my PV around my neck. The nurse asked what it was because mine is a Vamo. I told her and she asked me about that article about the 10.8 MILLION KIDS who have tried e-cigs. She said she HIGHLY DOUBTED it was true, and asked me if it was. I told her NO WAY!
      I explained to her about MY 15yr old who does NOT smoke, and my 20yr old who DOES smoke. NEITHER of them are turned on by these e-cigs! My daughter wants ‘the real thing’. She does NOT think these look ‘cool’. Even though I explained the health benefits to her, she was not in any mood for the upkeep, buying equipment and juices, etc. My 15yr just doesn’t care. Kids are NOT trying these, sorry!

      • Completely agree, Laurie… If they were tho, AT LEAST.. THEY WOULDN’T BE…. SMOKING. I, for one, would jump for joy if the analog train (commonly running through families, generation to generation) had been de-railed, ya know?! Guess the legislators, journalists, etc.. can’t seem to see that, & for whatever reason.. look for every negative spin they can put on e-cigs. Regulation, taxing.. all B.S. Big tobacco companies aren’t liking that they are losing money to people switching to vaping… & won’t be happy unless/until they have a huge piece of this pie too. Point blank… it isn’t a tobacco product so shouldn’t be treated or categorized as one. Anyway, thumbs up that your kids aren’t interested in smoking; Imho, you’re setting a great & positive example by vaping instead!! As for the OP… still watching for whatever the research was on this subject. (& this is meant w/ all good intentions, by the way) Probably would’ve been good to have all the back-up, in-hand.. FIRST tho. Esp. before putting out such strong warnings! Claims such as these, are nothing to take lightly, so posting them publicly.. but without links, back-up or research (that you, yourself, said still needed to be done) is going to call even more negative attention to vaping.. & As you’re aware, that’s a spotlight we can’t afford to have brighter than it already is. Please be sure to follow up on, complete, correct or… ? this entry/subject. If it’s true, & can be supported.. we all need to know. If not tho & just rumor….. well, we all need to know that too- since it’s now been put “out there”. =) Thanks much!