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Epic Juice- Apple Jax



The skillful hands of the mix-masters over at Epic Juice’s laboratory have birthed yet another fantastic E-juice that perfectly captures the flavor and invigorating essence of everyone’s favorite breakfast cereal: Apple Jacks (All credit goes to Kelloggs for the impetus behind this amazing E-juice!)  I don’t know if it’s the high quality of their ingredients, or the sheer amount of flavoring used in each bottle, but Epic Juice has struck gold with their methods and manufacturing standards.  I wish nothing but the best for this company, and it seems like they’re positioning themselves to weather the upcoming onslaught of FDA regulations, requirements, and restrictions that loom over us like a storm front in Florida during the summer.  Epic Juice’s website shows a top-of-the-line laboratory that looks at a glance to easily meet all of the basic FDA lab standards.  I hope to still be vaping Epic Juice years from now, in exciting new flavors, so I pray that any new laws put into effect by the FDA still allow Epic Juice to produce their masterpieces.

So, we all know that Apple Jacks don’t taste like apples… remember the ad campaign?  There definitely is a hint of cinnamon present.  They mostly just taste like Apple Jacks.  They have always had no equivalent anywhere… until now.  While vaping this in my eGo-T disposable test cartridges, my ProTank, My Megatwix, and my Dripper (I don’t know what model it is, but it works great!), everyone around me asked if someone was eating Apple Jacks.  You can’t nail a flavor any closer than when all people who smell it immediately identify exactly what it’s supposed to be!  The flavor is so close, in fact, that I keep a clearo full of it next to the patio door, so when I let the dog out first thing in the morning I can vape my Apple Jax before I eat my Apple Jacks (Yes, I actually do eat Apple Jacks cereal every morning.)  I can almost taste the crunch…

Obviously, the olfactory rating on this one is damn near perfect because of the aforementioned reactions of bystanders.  The vapor production is excellent.  The only thing I can say about Epic Juice’s Apple Jax is that everything seems just a tiny bit less intense than it could be… but I stress the words “tiny bit.”  I imagine that most people would never notice anything untoward at all and I even hesitated to include this almost insignificant criticism, but I love Apple Jacks, and the more Appley the Jacks, the happier I am.

I have a full, 15ml bottle of every one of Epic Juice’s flavors, and I’m looking forward to whichever one I randomly choose next.  I’m pretty sure they can do no wrong, but we’ll see as I rate the rest of their catalog of juices.  Stay tuned for more reviews of Epic Juice’s top-shelf products!