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Epic Juice- Airheadz


And again, Epic Juice nails an extremely pleasing-to-the-palate, dead-on-accurate E-juice aptly named Airheadz.  Obviously, if you’ve ever had the candy for which this flavor was named, the taste of this juice is akin to a cherry/watermelon Air Heads candy.  The entire vaping process with this E-liquid is an absolute pleasure to behold.  From the perfectly smooth texture of the liquid itself, to the moist, almost humid, flavorful and aroma-infused vapor passing down into your lungs then back out into the open air again.  After tasting this creation of perfectionist manufacturer, Epic Juice, I feel like challenging them to take a shot at Gobstoppers, complete with the changing flavors.  I think if anyone could do it, it would be the mix-masters over at Epic.

The flavor of Airheads E-juice by Epic Juice is complex, in that it seems to be a slight combination of very closely related candy flavors.  First and foremost, there’s the very familiar flavor of red Air Heads candy… which works perfectly well as a nicotine-emulsified, atomized vapor.  In addition to that, there’s a hint of a Watermelon Jolly Rancher.  The sweetness level is a bit high to be an ADV (All Day Vape), so this one works better as a dessert vape, or a movie theater vape (my favorite place to vape).  I’ve tasted many different types of candy-flavored vapes, and this one definitely nails the intricacies of the targeted candy better than any of the others… at least so far.  I can’t imagine anyone in the future matching a taste as perfectly.

The throat hit on all Epic Juice products is almost completely perfect.  There is a moistness to the vapor that feels like breathing fresh morning fog on the beach somewhere in Northern California, with the slightest amount of warmth added for comfort.  The passage of the vapor down the throat contains no harshness at all, leading me to believe Epic Juice uses very little PG (propylene glycol) in their mixing process.  This isn’t a VG (vegetable glycerine)-only juice, mind you.  There is enough of a smoke-like presence to feel like you’re taking that once-familiar drag of a cigarette, so I’m guessing there’s a 10 to 20% PG content in this one.  The vapor production is also very respectable with Airheadz E-juice.  The thick, voluminous plumes of sweet, aromatic clouds carry more substance than almost any vapor I’ve had to date.  This, of course, goes for all of Epic Juice’s fabulous creations!

I just can’t say enough about Epic Juice.  Airheadz, while not my favorite of their catalog of juices, does exactly what it claims to do… It succeeds at being a perfect flavor (based on the flavor of it’s namesake candy), a perfect vape, and a perfectly enjoyable E-cigarette user experience!  I wasn’t able to rate this one as high as Apple Jax or the God-gifted Main Squeeze… but only by a small handful of points, insignificant to the common vaper.  I bow to the talents of Joe Castro over at Flavorz by Joe, the geniuses at Alice in Vapeland, the laboratory geeks a few miles from my home at Mr. Nice Guy Vape… but now I can pull a Wayne and Garth “We’re not worthy” display of reverence to the masterful, creative juice mixers at Epic Juice, as well!