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I’ll give you one guess, and one guess only, as to which flavors are present in Epic Juice’s Banilla E-juice… No, not bananas and tortillas!  This banana and vanilla masterpiece by one of my favorite E-juice manufacturers is quite literally packed with flavor.  So far, I have alternated between this flavor, Apple Jax, and Main Squeeze, and if the FDA passes that ridiculously inane regulation that will prohibit the use of flavors in E-liquids, I just don’t know what I’ll do.  I might devote my life to developing the zombie virus.  Not sure yet.  My point is that these flavors are SO good, they are almost worth extincting the human race in order to maintain their existence.  And with Epic Juice, it’s not just the flavor… It’s the whole package.  Their juices rate near perfect in throat hit, vapor production and aroma.

I’m guessing that the percentage of flavor used by Epic Juice in their mixing process is upwards of 30%.  The intensity of the banana and vanilla flavors in this juice are simply unbelievable.  I never cared much for eating actual banana fruit… there was always something about the texture that bothered me, from childhood to the present day.  However, starting with the birth of my first daughter and the inevitability of eventually getting banana baby food in your mouth, I have learned to appreciate the flavor of banana more and more over the years.  This juice embodies everything I love about the smooth flavor of banana, coupled with the simple complexity of vanilla.  Banilla is reminiscent of AiV’s Bandersnatch (banana and butterscotch), which I reviewed a couple months ago.  Sometimes, it’s just not necessary to sit around creating incredibly complex mixtures of flavors, using vastly differing percentages of each flavor in order to achieve a certain effect.  Sometimes, it’s simply a more or less even combination of two or three basic flavors that excite the taste buds the most.

As with all other Epic Juice creations, Banilla is no slouch when it comes to throat hit.  The vapor produced by the meeting of this E-juice and your atomizer is thick with flavorful moisture, and your exhale will billow outwards beautifully.  There are many juices out there that produce a smooth vapor, easily inhaled without irritation to the throat.  However, it’s only those select few who nail their juices’ TH so perfectly that the moisture element is present.  This humidity is a quality that is alien to the tobacco smoker.  Obviously, the burning of dried tobacco leaves is not likely to produce much moisture.  The cool, San Francisco fog element in the world’s best E-juices is something that more experienced vapers have learned to appreciate above and beyond the simple “replacement” aspect of E-cigarettes.  Breathing a wet vapor is it’s own thing.  Indistinguishable from the smoking of analog, traditional tobacco cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc.  And as far as moist vapor goes, there are hardly any E-juice companies that can stand up to Epic Juice’s mastery of the category.

I have yet to find an Epic Juice product I don’t like, and even if I discover a flavor that I’m not too crazy about, I know that I can at least expect the vapor to be perfect and moist, the flavor to be intense, and the throat hit to go down smoother than a baby’s butt.  I see too many companies out there trying to turn out as many flavors as they can, without mastering those flavor mixtures first.  Epic Juice, while only having a selection of seven different flavors, has given us absolutely flawless flavors, all of which (so far) seem to be perfectly pleasing and enjoyable in their own way.  My absolute favorite E-juice IN THE WORLD, is still Epic’s Main Squeeze, but the Apple Jax and Banilla come in as a close second.


  1. can you do some reveiws on some juice thats higher than 18mg , I personaly use 36mg and it’s hard to find a juice at that level that tastes good. thank you for your reveiws i look forward to them.

    • I’m looking into two friends of mine becoming second reviewers on the website. I’ve brought myself down to 12mg over a long period of time. Occasionally, I’ll go as high as 24mg for a review if there is no other option, but 36 would be too high for me. However, nicotine content should not affect taste at all. Try some 36mgs in a smoother flavor, like mango, vanilla, etc. You might just be picking the wrong flavors and/or manufacturers.