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From my meager vaping experience, I’ve discovered that the taste of good coffee is hard to nail in the form of an E-juice.  The standard taste of regular coffee isn’t a problem, but I’m talking about great, gourmet coffee.  Epic Juice, of course, not only saw that bet, but raised it to a vanilla cappuccino purchased at some old-world village coffee shop in the heart of Italy.  And, in true Epic Juice fashion, they nailed the flavor perfectly… royal straight flush to your full house!  Of course, in addition to great flavor, all of the other Epic standards are in place, such as the thick voluminous vapor and the tell-tale throat hit of a luxurious E-juice.

Upon taking a long, slow drag of Wake and Vape E-liquid from your E-cigarette, you’ll immediately recognise the presence of a heavy French vanilla flavor.  As you inhale the vapor into your lungs, the deep, delightful cappuccino taste will announce itself.  Finally, as you exhale, the two flavors will mix and leave you with the satisfying after-taste of a dessert coffee at your favorite five star restaurant.  Epic Juice has figured out a way, not only to capture the exact flavor of vanilla cappuccino in a bottle of E-juice… they somehow figured out a way to make it taste fresh and warm as well.  I know that menthol, or more accurately koolada, will make anything taste cooler or icier, but is there a secret flavor out there that’ll make everything taste warm?  Possibly some kind of mild spice or something?  Or possibly my mind is psychosomatically adding that sensation of warmth to the mix.  Whatever it is, trade secret or psychological trickery, vaping this is exactly like inhaling a warm, pleasant cup of everyone’s favorite fancy dessert beverage.

An amazing, moist, thoroughly enriching and satisfying throat hit is pretty standard with Epic Juice’s products, but this one is almost more noticeable because of the “warmth” factor.  A breath of Epic Juice’s vapor is, as I’ve stated in other reviews, like standing on the rocky, Northern California coast on a foggy morning and breathing in deep… minus the slight hint of whale breath, obviously (seriously… if any of you are planning on going whale watching for the first time in the near future remember, they never tell you about the whole “whale breath” phenomenon before you leave.  If the whale surfaces near the boat and breaths through his blow-hole, you’re in for a nauseating shock.)  Anyways, non sequitors aside, I just can’t say enough about Epic Juice’s TH and the moisture-factor therein.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, for God’s sake please order some Epic Juice, or at least go out and buy a bottle of E-juice from one of the top manufacturers out there; Flavorz by Joe, Mr Nice Guy, AiV, etc.

I wholeheartedly recommend Wake and Vape by Epic Juice for any serious aficionado of E-liquids out there.  This is a company that really knows their shit when it comes to all of the various intricacies involved with the manufacturing of gold-medal worthy juice for your E-cigarettes.  So far, I’ve tasted and reviewed four of their creations and I just can’t say enough great things about their company.  Main Squeeze is still my personal favorite, and I refuse to go further than a few feet from my front door without my Main Squeeze in my main jeans pocket.  However, I’m starting to learn that, if done properly, my entire breakfast can be taken care of in a completely calorie-free way by our friends over at Epic Juice… a clearo full of Apple Jax and another full of Wake and Vape, and I’m all ready for a full day of fast-paced activity at work.