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IMPORTANT! Sign this Petition IMMEDIATELY!!!

We The People
Sign this Petition to Send a Message to Congress that they have a Duty to Keep E-cigarettes Legal and Available!


Please don’t procrastinate on this.  Being a practised procrastinator myself, I feel like I can judge my fellow procrastinators accordingly.  This is an important petition to sign.  Somehow, some way, we need to send a message to Washington (you know, when they’re done being shut-down and all) and let them know that the short-sightedness of organizations like the FDA, WHO, EU, and the rest of the ANTZ groups out there could very well end in millions of former smokers returning to the practice of smoking with a vengeance!

So, SIGN, SIGN, SIGN!  And get all of your friends to SIGN, SIGN, SIGN!!!  Share on your social networks, text the link to everyone, go to your friends homes and force them at gunpoint to sign!  (Ya know, a water gun full of skunk pee, of course.  Not a REAL gun.  That would be highly immoral and unethical!)

Click Here To Sign The Petition!!!


  1. I have bought two of the 24 mg 5 packs normal flavor. One of them had two cartridges that were empty. The other one had three cartridges that were empty. I have never had this happen before and i really enjoy your product. I felt you needed to know in order to correct this problem!!!

  2. Signed!!! I have been using electronic cigarettes for over 3 years now. I was a regular smoker up to 2 packs a day for over 25 years! I would get bronchitis 2-3 times a year every single year. I have not been sick since I started using electronic!! I still will smoke occasionally here and there, but I can now choose. Why they would ever consider making these illegal and keeping regular disgusting, deadly ingredient filled cigarettes legal is beyond my comprehension. Definitely need to keep on this petition!!