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Epic Juice- Big Stik


I’m not sure exactly how a melted pop-sickle is vapeable.  My understanding of the laws of physics would prevent an atomizer from successfully vaporizing melted ice with flavor syrup… but somehow Epic Juice and their secret wizardry have figured out how to do exactly that.  I’m convinced that there is actually no vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, or nicotine anywhere in this E-liquid.  It is very obviously and simple a melted pop-sickle.  And of course, nothing else can compare to Epic Juice’s amazing, signature throat hit which gives new meaning to the process of inhalation.  I’m pretty sure that the Almighty himself actually reached down from the sky and placed Epic Juice in it’s place out west in California, much like that scene in (the original) Clash of the Titans, where the god places Perceus in the middle of that stadium while he’s sleeping so he can wake up to the soothing face of that funny little guy who trained Rocky.  Wait, I’m mixing references here.

The exact flavor of this particular melted pop-sickle E-juice, which goes by the vague name of Big Stik, is hard to nail down accurately.  There are many different flavors present here, but all of them are blended together perfectly to form one, solid flavor without any distinct presence of this flavor or that.  Epic Juice LLC’s website claims that they used both pineapple and cherry in the creation of this, another one of their masterpieces.  It also states that “additional fruit notes” were used, and therein lies the challenge of pinpointing the precise combination used in the formulation of Big Stik E-juice.  I’m sure this was done on purpose in order to maintain a proprietary recipe, which is a great way of keeping your company’s reputation high and its products unique.  All I can say is that, in addition to the pineapple and the cherry flavoring (which combine into a seamless pine-rry, or cher-pple), I taste happiness, serenity, and peace on Earth.

Epic Juice’s throat hit needs no real introduction, at least if you’ve read any of my other Epic Juice reviews.  Oasis is certainly no exception.  Many juices have a certain “empty” element present in the inhalation of their vapor.  Epic’s amazing juices don’t suffer from that problem at all.  The vapor produced by my dripper, my Megatwix, my eGo-t cartridges, and my T-5 was thick and heavy with that familiar moisture characteristic that I’ve come to expect from this California Native E-liquid company.  Unlike many of the other offerings by Epic Juice, Big Stik didn’t really respond at all to increased (or decreased) voltage on my eGo-Twist.  But that’s ok as far as I’m concerned.  It’s difficult to improve upon perfection, so why even attempt it?   I’m pretty sure that experiencing too much perfection ends in death.  You can’t hear the voice of God (Alanis Morisette) and survive, according to one of my favorite independent filmmakers, Kevin Smith.

You know what, I recommend ALL of Epic Juice’s E-liquids; Main Sqeeze, Banilla, Apple Jax, Big Stik, Oasis, Airheadz, and Wake & Vape.  Buy the whole set and consider yourself blessed for the duration of however long it takes you to vape through all seven bottles.  Nothing I can say, and I consider myself fairly articulate, can actually capture the true nature of Epic Juice’s epic juices.  You really just need to experience these wondrous creations for yourself.  Go to your nearest Epic dealer and pick up a few to start with.  My favorites are Apple Jax and Main Squeeze, but any of the flavors will do.  If you don’t have a local Epic Juice retailer, order them online.  If you don’t have a computer, get in your car and trek over to California to buy some.  No matter how much money you spend in gas and hotels, the trip will be worth it… Trust me!