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Well, this is one of those moments when I have to rate according to my own strict rules, and not according to my own, subjective tastes in vapor flavor.  I have done nothing but rave about the exquisite magnificence of Epic Juice’s products up to this point, and I’m not necessarily going to stop here, but this one is simply not a flavor that I enjoy.  That said, if the orange/pineapple flavor in vaporous form appeals to you (I love it as a breakfast beverage, but not for inhalation) then you’ll fall absolutely head-over-heels in love with this juice.  Everything about it rises up to Epic Juice’s high standards of manufacturing.  The throat hit is heavenly, as is to be expected with this top-shelf E-juice.  The vapor is thick enough to cause a traffic accident due to zero visibility (crack a window for safety).  All in all, Epic Juice’s Oasis is a fantastic rendition of the tropical taste-combination which it purports to embody.  Unfortunately, this taste tester apparently just doesn’t care for that particular taste combination in an E-juice.

To elaborate on the flavor, There is definitely a strong sense of orange, underlaid by the soft, gentle essence of pineapple.  The combination works perfectly together as a combination, and it’s obvious that Epic Juice took the painstaking time to test percentages of each flavor many, many times before finally deciding that they got it right.  Orange, in the world of flavoring, is a stronger taste than pineapple from my experience with DIY juice projects (which I’m not very good at, by the way… there’s a reason I’m a critic and not a producer of E-liquids).  So there would have to have been a fair amount of experimentation involved in the creative processes that gave birth to this E-juice.  I’m guessing one part orange to three parts pineapple, but I could be wrong.  Either way, if you love oranges and pineapples, as do the vast majority of my fellow Floridians, Then there’s a good chance that this will become your favorite vape.  One thing I did do while vaping this flavor was to mix it with my MNG Vape Cherry, which actually made a very interesting combination.  In light of this, I’d have to say that this juice is definitely a great cocktail juice, and I plan to experiment more with this aspect in the months to come… after all, I still have about 9ml left of Oasis in the bottle.

I feel bad because I’m running out of great things to say about Epic Juice’s absolutely, friggin’ amazing throat hit.  I could go into a little embelishment, such as relaying to you, my readers, that the TH-factor of Epic Juice’s Oasis is akin to floating on a cloud in Heaven, while getting a massage from a hundred miniature fairies and reeling in the glorious ecstasy of the Divine Presence.  That’s definitely one way I could go.  I could also compare the TH to the smooth draw of the evenly burning body of a top-rated cuban cigar.  That would be a little closer to the mark and certainly more relevant to a review about E-juice vapor.  Suffice it to say that anyone who is interested in picking up the enjoyable, healthy habit of vaping… or anyone who knows someone who should quit smoking… really ought to awaken in their new, vaping life with this juice in their virgin clearomizers.  Why not start with something that not only matches the sensation of smoking, but surpasses it in every aspect?

As I said above, it is truly unfortunate that I simply don’t care for the flavors present in this Epic Juice product.  In the interest of being completely honest in my reviews, I have to mention it.  However, the important part is that the flavors present are exactly the flavors that are supposed to be present, in exactly the right ratio to highlight the presence of each flavor, all topped off by the trade-secret, award-winning throat hit from the heart of Epic Juice’s California laboratory.  Once again, I must highly recommend this, and all Epic Juice flavors (thus far) as great ADVs and outstanding started/noobie flavor.  The smoothness of the draw, the heaviness and vapor, and the pleasant, moist throat hit of Oasis is enough to convince even the most die-hard, Bogart-movie-watching, rebellious, hard-core, three packs/day smoker to give up the bland taste of plain tobacco in favor of something that quite literally tastes like it was scooped out of God’s own reflecting pool.