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Vapor Monkeys- Flying Monkey Punch


Vapor Monkeys is brand, spankin’ new on the E-juice scene, but they obviously did their homework before going live with their company.  A modicum of respect is due to their decision to go with the glass bottles/eye droppers for their juices.  They might cost a little more, but if I were to walk into a vape shop somewhere and see glass bottles next to cheap plastic bottles (not knowing anything at all about any of the companies represented by said bottles, of course) I would be drawn by my American sense of elitism to the glass options.  However… packaging isn’t everything.  Thank God the folks over at Vapor Monkeys know this fact, and decided to fill their beautiful glass bottles with an extremely palatable E-liquid!  Flying Monkey Punch is their successful attempt at a proprietary fruit punch flavor.

All of the required elements to a good fruit punch (and I’m not talking about pre-bottled Hawaiian Punch or Fuze drinks here) are present in Vapor Monkeys’ Flying Monkey Punch.  The fruity presence is very akin to the punch bowl at a wedding catered by an upscale restaurant.  But the mixmasters over at Vapor Monkeys pushed it just a little bit further and added a hint of banana to the mix.  This was inarguably a brilliant move birthed by the mind of a true E-juice prodigy of Beethoven caliber.  It’s a smooth, well blended flavor, which I’m almost positive is steeped for an extended period of time before bottling.  I can’t speak with any certainty to the VG/PG ratio used here, because with the flavor cranked up so high it’s actually difficult to tell.  I’m guessing it contains over 20% PG because the throat hit is substantial, but not too much for my leather lungs, tanned and cured by two decades of smoke breathing.

I had a number of people ask me if I was vaping a bubble gum flavored E-juice, and one person with a slightly more accurate nose interpret the olfactory data as Juicy Fruit gum.  That’s a fair guess, solely based on the sniff of a human nose, so I’m gonna go ahead and say that this Vaper Monkeys’ E-juice creation carries with it an accurate and pleasant smell.  It seems to be a rare thing in the vaping world to completely nail both the fragrance and the taste of an intended flavor.  Usually one or the other is lacking to some degree, even if by only a small amount.  Flying Monkey Punch deserves to be recognized and lauded for succeeding in their endeavor to please both the vaper’s taste buds and nasal membranes.  Kudos!!!

This is my first experience with Vapor Monkeys, and if the rest of their juices are similar in quality and exquisiteness to Flying Monkey Punch, I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy them all and subsequently, of course, give them all good reviews.  But we shall see.  I took a look at Vapor Monkey’s website and it’s still under construction, testifying to the freshness of this newcomer to the growing list of E-juice manufacturers.  With all of these new companies being formed in an effort to brake into this revolutionary industry, I really pray that either the FDA opens their frozen-shut eyes (frozen, that is, by the ice in Dante’s Ninth Circle of the Inferno), or that this glorious government shut-down becomes increasingly more un-temporary.  (If that last comment offends you, it’s because I’m a libertarian-leaning anarchist of sorts and I enjoy offending the adherents to the so-called “establishment.”)  In the meanwhile, Vapor Monkeys and the rest of our favorite E-juice manufacturers are producing E-liquids en masse, so let’s validate their existence by stockpiling as much as possible!

Vapor Monkeys
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