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Vapor Monkeys- Monkey See Monkey Chew


I considered using a graphic of a monkey with a pink bubble attached to his backside, but I decided against it because that joke has been overdone and I refuse to be accused of being unoriginal.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming… Vapor Monkeys Monkey-See-Monkey-Chew!  Love the name, and even though the name appears not to be descriptive of the flavor at first, once you realize that this particular juice tastes like a somewhat fruity/Big League Chew mouthful of bubble gum.  It’s kind of uncanny just how perfectly bubble-gummy and a truly enjoyable all day vape, if you enjoy bubble gum of course.

As I’ve said, the flavor of Monkey-See-Monkey-Chew bears a striking resemblance to the flavor of the typical, universally-agreed-upon flavor of bubble gum.  You know, that flavor in children’s liquid antibiotics that makes it possible to medicate your child sans geyser-like eruptions of projectile vomiting.  I don’t think that flavor has an origin in any other particular flavors.  As far as I’m concerned there’s a plant somewhere in the Amazon called bubblecus gumicus, and it’s the primary source of flavoring for everyone’s favorite chewable snack.  Inhaling the vapor of this E-juice immediately releases that little hint of fruitiness onto your taste-buds.  Then the familiar taste of bubble gum introduces itself.  You can almost taste the color pink.  I’m pretty sure that if Vapor Monkeys just stepped up the flavor a smidgen, the vapor itself would come out pink.  The only negative thing I have to say about it is just that… bubble gum is a smooth, light flavor to begin with, and the flavor of this juice is just a bit too light.  After vaping for a few minutes, my tongue adjusted to the flavor and it was a little difficult to pinpoint the flavor afterwards.

The throat hit is nice, and as smooth and velvety as a handful of Big League Chew in your mouth.  (I’m not recommending that you try to inhale actual bubble gum, by the way… It’s just a metaphor.  Please don’t sue me.)  I’m getting the impression that we’re dealing with an 80/20 VG/PG blend here, or possibly even a 90/10 blend.  I personally, for myself, like the 70/30 mixes the best, and even the occasional 50/50.  But I smoked cloves at the rate of 40 per day for two years, so I only have four or five nerve endings left in my throat.  I am aware, however, that there the vast majority of people, even long-term, heavy smokers, don’t have the same built in immunity to throat irritations.  It seems that most vapers, both experienced and inexperienced, have come to a consensus that 80/20 is the “best” blend as far as throat nit goes.  Monkey-See-Monkey-Chew produces a fairly large volume of vapor with very little effort, and smells just like… are you ready for it?… Bubble Gum! to those who are standing nearby.

Vapor Monkeys brand of E-liquids have thus far proven to be a solid, enjoyable juice manufacturer, and their foray into the electronic cigarette market was well-planned, with a catalog of competitive juices to offer to the public.  I feel that their willingness to include the phrase “you’ll go ape s**t” on their label shows a willingness to break social and business norms by hinting at profanity in their official company motto.  To me this says, “We are a company who’s willing to break through barriers in the industry and capable of ignoring all of the negativity concerning E-cigarettes that has flooded the news/media of late.”  I hope they bring that, in the future, they bring us something new, that no one has ever seen before.

Vapor Monkeys
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