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Vapor Monkeys- Blue Monkey Melody


It just so happens, that whenever I am awarded the opportunity to stand in close proximity to a jar, bowl, bag, or any other containment apparatus full of Jolly Rancher candies, I am inexplicably drawn to push all of the “lesser” colors out of the way with my grubbing little fingers in order to fish down to the first blue Jolly Rancher I can grab.  I think it holds a certain level of fascination with me because there actually is no blueberry anywhere close to that particular shade of blue (which goes by the name of Brilliant Blue FCF) found anywhere in nature.  It is a flavor that, in my opinion, was created by the Lord himself and handed down from the heavens to the CEO of the Jolly Rancher corporation, or more specifically the Hershey Company.  Vapor Monkeys, in order to create this very interestingly-flavored Blue Monkey Melody E-juice, must have taken a couple million blue Jolly Rancher candies, put them in that hydraulic press that killed the first Terminator, and squeezed pure blue raspberry candy juice right out of the hard candies themselves.

Vapor Monkeys’ Blue Monkey Melody carries in it’s vapor the essence of that most beloved of all artificial flavors; the blue raspberry.  Vapor Monkeys even went so far as to color this particular E-liquid blue… that same, instantly recognizable shade of blue you find in the candies.  Take a puff from your clearo, carto, drip atomizer, etc. and you’ll immediately detect that sweet candy taste of the blue-est of blueness belonging exclusively to the Jolly Rancher.  You may recognize it as blue raspberry right away, or if you’re like me, you’ll first think, “Wow, this tastes really blue!”  The best part about this flavor is that it seems to affect every area of your tongue.  Traditionally speaking, certain types of tastes are detectable by corresponding segments of the tongue and the taste buds exposed on each part.  The “Tongue Map,” as it was once called, was later disproved by scientific research, not that the research was really needed.  All it really would have taken to disprove that archaic taste theory was a nice long toke on an E-cig filled with Blue Monkey Melody.  Again, as with a few of Vapor Monkeys’ other flavors, I could have used a little more flavoring, to boost that blueness into extreme, fantastically blueish blue territory.

The throat hit and vapor production ratings on Blue Monkey Melody by Vapor Monkeys is standard, based on the tone they’ve set with their other juices.  Both are good, and pass the scrutiny of the aficionado’s senses therefore labelling Vapor Monkeys as one of the top-shelf-range of E-juice companies.  We’re not dealing so much with Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve or A. Fuente’s Opus X Double Corona here, but top=shelf, nonetheless.  One of the most interesting things about this juice is that it’s aroma carries with it a sensation of standing in a candy shop to the olfactory nerves of bystanders, or standers-by… whichever one makes this sentence sound more refined and birthed of an Oxford education.  The only issue here is that those bystanders need to be standing close to the vaper and his exhaled vapor in order to pick up on the light scent.

All in all, this being my last Vapor Monkeys review of the samples which I received from them for the purposes of reviewing, I must say that my overall impression of Vapor Monkeys as an E-juice manufacturer is a very positive one.  They have clearly just entered the game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if soon we see their glass bottles disappear in favor of the much more financially reasonable plastic bottles.  I’m hoping to get a chance to order or at least taste some of their other flavors in the near future.  The monkey theme is fun, and the juice is all good enough to qualify in the coveted All Day Vape position.  Blue Monkey Melody, harmonious in flavor and vapor, is a great example of the promising future of this E-juice manufacturer.

Vapor Monkeys
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