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Alice in Vapeland- Pun’kin Tumble


Ladies and Gentlemen, the fall season is upon us, and while many things define the harvest season, only one flavor truly reigns over the seasonal kingdom like no other. Be it pie, beer, bread, coffee, or creamer to put in your coffee, it’s almost impossible to avoid the taste of that big orange gourd during the months of October and November. So when I came across Alice in Vapeland’s Pun’kin Tumble, I decided to make like Charlie Brown and submit to the Great Pumpkin.

Right when I opened the bottle I caught a nice subtle whiff of that classic holiday dessert, remembering Thanksgivings past as Grandma pulled a fresh pie out of the oven. Alice in Vapeland has done a fantastic job with the flavor, providing not only the smell and taste of the pumpkin, but the entire experience of the pie itself. The standard hint of cinnamon that makes the pumpkin flavor pop, and that silky smooth taste of freshly whipped cream on top really seals the deal. An excellent dessert vape that will let you unwind after the stress of holiday travel plans, or the heavy cleaning in preparing your home for guests, and instead reminds you of the good times, and why you’re doing all of this in the first place. But the pumpkin fanatic might consider  making this an all day vape.

Nostalgic flavor praise aside, Alice in Vapeland consistently provides quality throat hits and vapor production, a stronger VG base, but still packs enough PG to make sure you get a solid throat hit. Pun’kin Tumble’s hint of cream actually adds to the hit, and sets it apart as slightly smoother, compared to their other flavors.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how having a pumpkin tumbling down your throat feels. (Sorry. Had to get that pun out of my system.)

Alice in Vapeland provides a quality E-juice, and are making themselves a name any vaping connoisseur should be on the look out for. They do get backed up in orders sometimes, and ‘close shop’ on orders so production can catch up. (They’re actually closed as I write this.) A minor inconvenience, but I assure you it’s worth the wait, and high demand is always a sign of a great product. So take a tumble into Vapeland. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy Vaping,