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Mount Baker Vapor- Cider Fire


When it comes to holiday vapes, Mount Baker Vapor has hit a grand slam home run with their Cider Fire E-juice.  There is nothing that screams Thanksgiving and Christmas to me quite as clearly as the scent of mulled cider, complete with the penetrating aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, and warm apple.  I can’t remember a holiday season in the past 30 years or so when this glorious winter beverage didn’t bring me comfort in one way or another.  When I lived in Chicago, as a child, this hot, spiced drink sent warmth to my chilled bones after returning home from school in sub-zero wind-chill weather.  In Florida, where I’ve lived the majority of my adult life, the same hot apple cider beverage sent warmth to my chilled bones and thinned blood on those frigid sub 70 degree Fahrenheit days when all the Floridians break out their ten layers of sweaters to brave the chilliness outside our doors.  Suffice it to say that mulled cider brings warmth, both physical and spiritual, to the one who imbibes.

Cider Fire, another wonderfully enjoyable creation by Mount Baker Vapor, captures the complete essence of a hot mug of mulled cider, taken into the body via slow sips by the fireplace.  The vapor of this E-juice could very well have a cinnamon stick floating around in it, if one were to taste test blindly.  There are also hints of nutmeg, possibly a touch of orange peel, and I could swear (although I might be imagining this) that there’s a trace of ginger in the mix.  Regardless of which inclusions of small flavor additives are actually present in the blend responsible for the indelible Cider Fire, the fact remains that within the 15ml Mount Baker Vapor bottle is a beautiful concoction of mulled cider-y goodness, reminiscent of that Christmas spirit that can also be found in such  symbolic imagery as mistletoe, holly, candy canes, and airborne elk.

The throat hit of the Cider Fire is a bit on the strong side, which is fine by me… I like a full-bodied TH.  However, this is countered by a larger-than-average vapor production, so you don’t need to draw as much to get a full inhale.  A short draw, and a shallow inhale are all you need to experience the fullness of this Mount Baker Vapor.  This should be enough to cut back on the strong nature of the throat hit.  As with every E-liquid manufacturer, and even with every manufacturer’s individual flavors, certain adjustments must be made in order to grok the entire flavor experience unique to that particular juice.  Cider Fire is no exception to this rule.  If you are used to having to strong-lung your E-cigarette for an adequate hit of flavor and vapor, you might emit a cough or two the first time you draw a chest-full of Cider Fire.  But I assure you… when you adjust your vaping to this juice, you will truly enjoy hours of Christmas spirit while getting your nicotine fix.

The VG/PG 50/50 version of Mount Baker Vapor’s Cider Fire is slightly harsher than the 80/20 version… but not so much so that I need to review them both separately.  On my scale of 500 points, I only scored the 50/50 mix (with two extra flavor shots, I might add) a mere three points lower than the 80/20 blend.  I prefer a heavier throat hit, so I personally think that the 50/50 is more my speed.  But to each their own, as the old adage goes.  I know that the majority of vapers favor the 80/20s over the juices with higher propylene glycol content.

Mount Baker Vapor is turning out to not only be a top-shelf E-juice manufacturer, but also a complete catalog of flavor experiences.  Many of the lesser (you know, those ones from a certain larger country than our own on the opposite side of the planet) E-juice companies offer massive selections of many, many varieties of flavor to distract from the fact that all of their flavors are carried in sub-standard PG/VG/Nicotine base.  Mount Baker, on the other hand, offers a large selection of flavors because they know their customers will love them even more, and rightfully so.  With a quality base, which can be customized to the buyer’s personal preference in vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavor contents, the many varieties of flavors offered by this seasoned company simply add to the appeal.  As a very picky vaper myself, I can’t help but be impressed by the smorgasbord available in Mount Baker Vapor’s catalog of E-liquids.