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Quack’s Juice Factory- Goose Juice


I feel that I should start this review off by saying that I have never juiced a goose. Nor have I tasted the juices of one. Growing up in Florida, Goose is not really a bird that is heavily desired, so I’ve never even eaten any type of goose dish. That isn’t a major issue here though, as Quack’s Juice Factory is not producing a flavor meant to resemble that of uncommon poultry, but rather a creamy dessert vape for our enjoyment. Goose Juice is a lovely blend of vanilla, cream, caramel, and something else I can’t quite place my finger on. Maybe that’s the goose?

What’s interesting about the flavor, is that it’s not meant to be a specific dessert, but a culmination of various sweet flavors that you often find together in a wide variety of desserts. In a sampling amongst friends not knowing what they’re ‘supposed’ to taste, some might say flan, others might say creme brulee. Both are custards, but having their own subtle distinctions, some palettes may recognize one more than the other while enjoying this vape. It’s like Quack’s Juice Factory  is serving you their own recipe of a dish you’ve had many times before. It’s nice and familiar, but there’s that subtle mystery of a different flavor mixed in. The aroma is nice and fragrant, but like the flavor, it gracefully avoids being hit with a distinct label to identify it with. All wonderful elements for a good dessert vape.

Like most American E-juices, Quack Factory uses a stronger VG blend, reducing the harshness of the throat hit, but still provides enough PG for the seasoned smokers to enjoy that old familiar feeling while vaping. The vapor production is excellent. A quality that’s sometimes overlooked, I have to say as a long time smoker, good vapor production is a factor that makes the transition to vaping that much easier and E-juices should always get a nod of acknowledgement  when they get it right. (You can’t see it, but I’m totally nodding right now.)

All in all, Quack’s Juice Factory is off to a great start. They’re a smaller, newer company that’s only producing two dessert flavors currently, but are clearly focusing more on quality than quantity as they start to grow. I can also appreciate the approach of serving up a mix of flavors without the intent to try and perfectly emulate anything, but just putting them together in a nice, enjoyable balance. I’ll be sure to do some bird watching to see what other juices they squeeze out of various avians, and suggest you do the same.