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10 E-Juice Flavors that Don’t (as of yet) Exist


Thanksgiving Dinner

One of the fun things about vaping is seeing how vast the flavor selection can be. Fruits, desserts, and tobaccos are readily available, and what you tend to expect, especially at local brick and mortar distributors, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find various meats, vegetables, and spices that you just didn’t expect. Your first thought is “They’ve got a flavor for everything!”

I took that initial thought as a challenge, and started to hunt the flavors that don’t exist. Maybe this’ll inspire some companies to cook up something new, maybe not. Here are my findings, in no particular order.

Potatoes10. Potatoes

Let me start this out by letting my Irish pride shine for a moment. Potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables in the world, and one of the most delicious. Baked, mashed, roasted, fried, doesn’t matter. It’s delicious. So that’s why I’m so shocked to find ZERO potato flavored vapes on the market (Unless you count Sweet potato pie. I don’t, and I don’t like you if you do.)

Not even a french fry flavor to go along with the catsup (or ketchup if you prefer) cheeseburger or pizza flavored vapes. What makes this more confusing, is that the lesser vegetables, like carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers, exist in the world of E-juices. Which brings me to our next non-existent e-juice.

Salad9. Salads

Salads are not something I’m a huge fan of. If I’m eating a salad, it means I just realized I’m in a fancy restaurant where you get a salad before your meal, regardless if you asked for one or not. Really, the only reason I put this on the list is because I saw most all the ingredients for a salad in E-juice form. Now I don’t think carrot and cucumber E-juices are in high demand, but I think the same folks who would try or enjoy those flavors would enjoy a salad vape. I personally could enjoy the novelty of a salad vape, provided it includes one key element that is also missing from this list.

Ranch Dressing8. Ranch Dressing

Yes, it’s a weird flavor to think of for a vape, as most all of the flavors on this list are, but weirder ones exist. That carrot flavor that I keep pointing out? When is the last time you ate just a carrot? I’m willing to bet it was at a get together of some sort with party trays spread out on a table against a wall. You saw a collection of vegetables, encircling and giving praise to the wonderful ranch dressing in the center and thought “Oh, ranch dressing; don’t mind if I do!” and blindly grabbed an otherwise useless carrot stick, serving only as a vehicle to get that ranch dressing in your mouth. Also worth noting, other dressing/condiment vapes exist, like mustard, worcestershire sauce, and ketchup. (Catsup) So why not Ranch?

Corn on the Cob7. Corn on the Cobb

Besides the potato, I can’t think of any vegetable I enjoy as much as sweet corn. Especially when it’s a nice full ear, freshly steamed, shucked, and slathered with butter. It’s easier to imagine that taste than some of those strange flavors that actually exist, isn’t it? Stranger still, butter exists as a stand alone vape flavor. Ever eaten butter? JUST butter? It’s not exactly the best solo act in the world.


I saw mention on an E-cig forum of BBQ rib flavored vapes, but zero reviews of one, or any site that sold it, or any other BBQ flavor, leading me to think that it doesn’t really exist. Now this isn’t just a flavor, but a food culture that has a variety of flavors. There’s over a dozen BBQ sauce flavor categories, sweet, spicey, smoky, etc. And an exponentially greater number of meats to use those sauces on. There are multiple beef flavored vapes, and chicken flavored vapes, to go with BBQ sauce vapes, but there is a distinct lack of pork vapes of any kind. Bacon is the only vape that comes from a pig. So it might be a long time before you get to enjoy a pulled pork vape.

Nachos5. Nachos

If you ask me what my guiltiest pleasure in the world of food is, I will tell you it is nacho cheese. Not really a food, but more a food substance, that greasy canned goop that isn’t quite orange, and isn’t quite yellow is clearly laced with cocaine. Should I find myself at the fair, or the farmer’s market, and see that crappy concession stand being ran by a miserable teenager, I make Beeline for that stuff, and don’t part with the plastic container until I’ve scooped every last drop out of every rounded corner. So I had to add to my list of strange flavored vapes to hunt for. This led me to discover that Mexican Food is another food culture that has remained untouched by E-Juices. In fact, if you’re looking for Mexican spice in your vape, the only thing you’re going to find is a Jalapeno pepper flavor.

Seafood4. Seafood

Spending most of my life in Florida, I’ve enjoyed more than my fair share of seafood. The vape market has yet to really explore this avenue though. I’ve found crab leg e-juices online, and found a video review of a grilled shrimp e-juice that seemed horrible and is no longer being made. That’s about it. Not a single bottle of tuna, salmon, lobster, or anything other fishy goodness. So if you’re looking for a vape that captures the flavors of the sea, your choices are extremely limited and almost non-existent.

Sausages3. Sausage

There are so many different types of great sausage to enjoy, that it’s a wonder why no one has tried to capture the flavor in a vape. I’ve already addressed the lack of pork flavorings for vapes, but there are still several types of beef sausages that could be produced using a blend of existing flavors. Like salad, it seems like this one could already exist, but just doesn’t.

Turkey2. Turkey

Another meat flavor. Turkey is that major holiday meal we all know and love. Not trying to capitalize on that one seems a little foolish, especially when there’s a roasted chicken flavor out there already. Sure, we all eat chicken more frequently than Turkey, but that adds to the Turkey’s charm, doesn’t it? It’s that rare treat that we only enjoy a few times a year. That big, juicy, tender bird is something you spend nearly the entire week before Thanksgiving dreaming about, and having a Turkey vape might help keep those cravings under control in the meantime.

Biscuits and gravy1. Biscuits

There are several vapes based on breakfasts like waffles, pancakes, bacon, and some of your favorite cereals as a kid. Also, there are a large assortment of pastry flavors on the market as well. So where is that middle ground? Where are the warm, fluffy, flakey flavors that are not overloaded with sugars, syrups, and fruit flavors? Where is the classic, buttery, homestyle biscuits? Pastries sell quite well in the E-juice market, amongst the many other dessert vapes you can find. Pancakes and Waffles have even snuck in there with them. So why exclude the dough based treat that doesn’t need a super sweet sidekick? A biscuit flavored vape seems like one that’s easy to produce, and would probably be more enjoyable than a lot of the other novelty vape flavors that are out there. Combine it with a gravy flavor (also non-existent) and you’ve got one of the greatest breakfasts ever made in vape form.

So there you have it. 10 vape flavors that don’t exist. Would you put any of these in your clearomizer? Is there a non-existent flavor you’d like to see? Be sure to share your thoughts, and maybe we’ll see something new pop up. Or not, either way it’s fun to think about.

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    • I’ve heard of those. Vapergirl sells some weird flavors. They actually sell Mashed Potatoes, which I didn’t see until after I wrote the article. Still, that’s the only form of potato I’ve seen so far. It leaves French fries, oven fries, smothered fries, baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes, etc.

  1. Here in Europe we’ve got sth delicious: Tino d’Milano – Spicy Biscuit flavour (and a bunch of e-juices based on it). It tastes like home made cookies with a bit of a spicy finish…

    My personal favourite however is Strawberry tart by Smokers’ Delight (yes, I do vape my own products)! In fact the only reason for the brand to exist was nothing else so delicious available on the East European market!