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There are ADVs (All Day Vapes) and there are non-ADV/novelty flavors.  Mount Baker Vapor’s Bacon E-juice is DEFINITELY a novelty flavor.  And as a novelty flavor, it actually nails the essence of greasy, fresh cooked bacon, smothered in it’s own bacon grease.  The flavor is so accurate, in fact, that I wonder if vaping this particular E-juice is actually bad for your heart.  I can almost taste the fat grams clogging up my arteries.  That said, I suggest using an old clearomizer, or a dripper you don’t mind thoroughly cleaning afterwards, to vape this juice.  The flavor sticks around and it’s not something you’re going to want to continue vaping after you say something along the lines of, “Oh, my God!  That really does taste like a cup full of bacon grease!  It’s great to break out at parties, vape meets, in a crowded movie theater in order to spurn the audience into purchasing more concessions, etc.  I feel it necessary to reinforce that this is not, repeat NOT, a good juice for vaping all day long!  You’ll probably become sick.  Does that mean it’s bad?  Absolutely not!  It’s great and captures the soul of the king of comfort foods flawlessly.

As stated above, Mount Baker Vapor’s novelty creation is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to channelling the spirit of a sensation into an atypical vessel/vehicle.  Their Bacon E-juice carries with it every part of the bacon, including but not limited to: the burnt, crispy part, the white fat bubble, the red meaty portions, and the greasy goodness oozing from the meat onto your frying pan/plate… which is then (if you’re at all competent in the kitchen) collected into a cup and used to make the exquisite gravy for that most delectably heart attack-inducing Southern breakfast favorite, biscuits and gravy.  The inhale brings the taste of the meat to your taste buds and the exhale deposits the grease onto your tongue and inner cheeks.  Mount Baker’s Bacon is definitely a rich, full-bodied flavor and not for the weak.  That said, I highly recommend getting your hands on a bottle and keeping it around for occasional use and sharing with your vaping buddies.

Inhaling Bacon E-juice from Mount Baker Vapor hits your throat like a bacon infused, unfiltered cigarette… but an unfiltered cigarette of straight English Virginia tobacco.  This is a full throat hit juice, in a good way.  Cheaper Chinese liquids atomise into something akin to spraying Raid Wasp-killing spray directly into your lungs.  The Bacon E-juice, however, is more like rolling bacon into cigarette paper and lighting up… unfiltered.  Not meaning to sound chauvinistic, I venture to suggest that this is a man’s vape.  Women and children should steer clear… well, obviously children should steer clear, but you get the point.  The 50/50 VG/PG (Vegetable Glycerine/Propylene Glycol) blend obviously hits a little harder than the 80/20 version, but then again the 50/50 mix carries slightly more flavor with it as well.  Flavorings typically are carried better in PG than they are in VG, so this explains the difference in flavor strength.

So, if you’re like me and you keep a library of hundreds of flavors from hundreds of E-liquid manufacturers (I’m only exaggerating a little here… that’s the sad part), and you like to carry a juice for every craving; a liquid for every mood; a bottle for every atmosphere, you’ll do well to add a bottle or two of this behemoth of a flavor punch-in-the-artery to your collection.  Mount Baker Vapor is taking an interesting stand in an industry that normally hides a lack of quality under a large selection of unique flavors.  Their Bacon E-juice is a perfect example of how Mount Baker has hit the nail on the head when it comes to offering both quality and variety.  This greasy glob of bacony fabulousness belongs in every serious vape-geeks cabinet, right next to your pizza, jalapeño, ketchup, and popcorn juices (you know you got them hidden behind all the “normal” flavors.

If it's your first time ordering from Mount Baker Vapor, use ejuiceconnoisseur11 as your coupon code for an 11% discount! If you've ordered before, use ejuiceconnoisseur10 for 10% off!
If it’s your first time ordering from Mount Baker Vapor, use ejuiceconnoisseur11 as your coupon code for an 11% discount! If you’ve ordered before, use ejuiceconnoisseur10 for 10% off!