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Mount Baker Vapor- Banana Nut Bread


I used to hate everything about bananas.  Even the smell would turn my stomach.  Then I had a kid and started getting the inevitable globs of flung banana Gerber all over my hands, arms, clothes, face, etc.  Since then, even though I still don’t care much for the actual fruit itself, I am a sucker for anything banana flavored.  In this particular case, Mount Baker Vapor has set forth to translate the classic Banana Nut Bread into a vapable liquid.  Well, they succeeded admirably in their task… and I’m not just saying this because I’m biased towards bananas.  Whether you love bananas or hate them, the fact remains that the flavor typewritten on the bottle’s label is exactly the flavor found inside the bottle.  Banana Nut Bread E-juice is only missing the crunch of the walnuts.

It’s difficult to nail down all of the flavors present in Mount Baker Vapor’s Banana Nut Bread.  There’s the obvious banana and walnut flavors that stand out immediately.  The flavor of a dark, seasoned bread dough also seems to be present in the background.  At times, especially when dripping the liquid, I feel like I’m getting a little almond, hazelnut, and even a brief moment of peanut (I know… It’s not really a nut).  The liquid itself is colored about as dark as the banana bread portrayed in the photo above, which visually matches the deep, full-bodied flavor of the vapor.  Usually I prefer my juices to be almost clear in color (unsteeped, of course), because there’s just something about it that conveys cleanliness.  I make an exception, in cases like these where the richness of the flavor really needs to be aesthetically represented in the E-liquid itself.  Mount Baker’s tasty dessert treat here (which is also suitable for all-day-vaping), is truly rich in flavor in every way.  It lies heavy and potent on the palate (in a good way), it’s smooth darkness tells the eyes that the vapor of this Banana Nut Bread juice is definitely not going to be a light, dainty experience, and the resulting vapor is going to flow with a symphony of strong flavors.

Banana Nut Bread E-juice doesn’t stop short of carrying the rich, full-bodied theme into the actual throat hit of its vapor.  When you vape this Mount Baker Vapor… vapor, you’ll feel the entire inhalation process.  You can even feel the velvety, smooth clouds twirling in eddies around the inside of your lungs (NOT leaving behind any tar, residue, poisonous chemicals, etc.)  The exhale is like a freight train of delicious flavors rubbing their way over your taste buds on their way out of your mouth.  If you still haven’t taken that stereotypical vaper Facebook Profile picture of your head behind an opaque fog of thick vapor… now might be a good time to do so, using Mount Baker’s Banana Nut Bread for the best possible vape cloud.  The best thing about the full-flavored richness of the flavor present here, is that even the most wary of E-cig virgins will praise endlessly the aura of aroma surrounding you and emanating outwards from its source.

Mount Baker Vapor is one of the better E-juice manufacturers, and they continually earn this hard-won position in the E-cigarette industry by turning out winning flavors like Banana Nut Bread.  So far, in my experience with Mount Baker, I have yet to come across a bad flavor.  Their mixmaster and his team are consistent in their art, and are worthy of much respect.  About the only thing negative I can say about this upper-crust E-liquid company, is the unfortunate fact that their bottle labels could use an upgrade to a higher weight of paper, with a glossy finish.  I tend to carry two or three bottles of E-juice on my person at all times, in my pants pockets, and the labels on Mount Baker’s products rub out very quickly with a minimal amount of pocket abuse.  Other than that one trivial complaint, I have nothing but good things to say about this fabulous company, especially Banana Nut Bread, which I’m quickly vaping down to nothing.

If it's your first time ordering from Mount Baker Vapor, use ejuiceconnoisseur11 as your coupon code for an 11% discount! If you've ordered before, use ejuiceconnoisseur10 for 10% off!
If it’s your first time ordering from Mount Baker Vapor, use ejuiceconnoisseur11 as your coupon code for an 11% discount! If you’ve ordered before, use ejuiceconnoisseur10 for 10% off!