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Mount Baker Vapor- Oregano


Yep.  You heard correctly.  This is another one of Mount Baker Vapor’s brilliant novelty E-juice flavors.  Almost by definition, a novelty juice can never be an ADV (All Day Vape), unless you happen to be a really bizarre and abnormal human being.  But given the assumption that you are, at the very least, a semi-normal person, this Oregano-flavored E-juice will not become one of your trusted ADVs.  It will, however, be a hit at parties, vape meetings, and wherever you like to hang out and vape in public.  As I’ve stated many times in the past, my usual haunt is the Island Root kava bar in the Historic Downtown District of Melbourne, FL… and needless to say, I had a little fun with this E-juice amongst people who are used to regularly imbibing in a mind-altering beverage that tastes like dirt water.  The overall impression of this juice was that it smelled and tasted exactly like Oregano.  Kudos to Mount Baker Vapor for hitting another proverbial nail on the head.

The first, unmistakable thing you’ll notice about Mount Baker Vapor’s Oregano E-juice, as soon as you unscrew the cap from the bottle, is the powerful scent of fresh oregano flowing out of the tiny, 15ml juice container and spreading outwards exponentially.  The initial vape is thick with both the flavor and the olfactory characteristics of this familiar of Italian seasoning.  However, the next part reveals some slight inconsistencies with the taste of this unique vape.  I have a few friends, myself included, who are Marine Corps/military service veterans.  I noticed that all of my X/Former military buddies caught a hint of something reminiscent of CS gas, from the infamous and feared gas chamber(s) at most recruit training facilities.  This riot control gas has a distinct odor and taste, and because of the horribly uncomfortable experience of breathing that gas and clearing out your sinuses like full-pressure fire hoses shoved up you nostrils, anything even remotely suggestive of the smell produces a nervous flashback and a need for an extra Paxil dose.  I’m not sure why this particular, obscure flavor comes into mind while vaping Mount Baker Vapor’s Oregano… but it does.  This fact, however, really doesn’t take away from the likeness this novelty E-liquid has to its declared, target flavor: Oregano.

The throat hit is nice and subtle here, and Mount Baker Vapor, in both the 50/50 VG/PG version of their juice, as well as the 80/20 version, has remained thoroughly consistent in the quality of their production processes.  They continue to turn out high-quality, thoroughly enjoyable vapes while maintaining a smorgasbord of spectrum-traversing flavors.  I’m going to suggest that they add Durian Fruit to their catalog of novelty flavors.  Firstly, because I’ve never tried it before and secondly, because Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods (on The Travel Channel) couldn’t stomach that infamously horrid-smelling food… and that guy eats tarantulas and giraffe penises and not-completely-cleaned-out ox intestines and such.  So if I can handle it, I’ll feel better than him.  But I digress.  Back to Oregano E-juice by Mount Baker Vapor… If you’re a collector of flavors like I am, you will do good to add this most famousest of Italian seasonings to your E-juice rack/shelf/cabinet/etc.

If it's your first time ordering from Mount Baker Vapor, use ejuiceconnoisseur11 as your coupon code for an 11% discount! If you've ordered before, use ejuiceconnoisseur10 for 10% off!
If it’s your first time ordering from Mount Baker Vapor, use ejuiceconnoisseur11 as your coupon code for an 11% discount! If you’ve ordered before, use ejuiceconnoisseur10 for 10% off!