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Quack’s Juice Factory- Gizzard Juice


 Unlike the last Quack’s Juice Factory review I did, I’ve actually eaten gizzards. Turkey gizzard to be exact. Did I enjoy it? Not so much. Luckily, Quack’s Gizzard juice tastes nothing like actual gizzards, instead it’s an enjoyable blend of sweet flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. Like the Goose Juice that I reviewed previously, Quack’s Juice Factory isn’t trying to hit an exact flavor target here, but wants to make an enjoyable blend of flavors.

To me, the taste of this blend is exactly like a chocolate eclair, but without the horrible risk of the delicious creme busting out of one end while you’re biting the other. (A vast improvement, if you ask me) When I let a friend sample it, however, she swore it tasted like chocolate licorice. Two different, but similar flavors, but both quite enjoyable. Once again, that avoidance of trying to reproduce an exact flavor adds to the enjoyment of the juice. Letting your own personal tastes focus on the parts you find most enjoyable.

After trying both of Quack’s Juice Factory’s juices, there is consistent quality in the production of their products. A great throat hit and vapor production for a dessert vape that isn’t overly sweet, and could be considered an all day vape for those who prefer sweet vapes. Between the two, Gizzard juice is the harshest when it comes to throat hit, but you wouldn’t know it unless you tried both flavors back to back. However, both have wonderful vapor production, sweet aromas, and taste great. These are juices that steep well, and are worth a day or two of waiting while they do so.

All in all, Quack’s Juice Factory is off to a great start. They’re two for two on their flavors, and provide a quality vape. If there’s anything to gripe about, it’s the fact that I no longer have any new flavors to sample from them. I will, however, keep enjoying what they’ve put out, and encourage you to do the same. They’re new, unique, and should be sampled by anyone who enjoys a dessert vape that isn’t too sweet. Hopefully they’ll keep growing and we’ll see what other vapes fly out of their factory.

Happy Vaping,