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Mount Baker Vapor- Lightspeed E-Juice

They say (You know… THEY!  They talk a lot, don’t they?) that it is impossible to achieve the speed of light.  Mount Baker Vapor would very much like to prove this to be a fallacious statement with their Lightspeed E-juice.  This citrusy combination of the higher acid content fruits will rocket at or near the speed of light into your clearo/carto/dripper.  OK, that was a little corny, but Lightspeed is a strong contender for my top three, favorite Mount Baker vapes.  Too many of the citrus-type E-liquids I’ve tried have just tasted like generic citric acid… like the kind that looks like cocaine in a little plastic baggy.  Lightspeed is citrusy, as stated above, but that citrus is actually identifiable as each individual, contributing fruit.

It’s almost always difficult with those flavors not named directly after their exact constituents (i.e. Strawberry-Banana, Blueberry, Pineapple, etc.) to nail down all of the flavors used in a particular mix.  Mount Baker Vapor’s Lightspeed, however, is purported to contain orange, tangerine, and lemon on the website.  Having lived in Florida for 23 years (minus a 5-year stint in the Marine Corps), I consider myself something of an expert on oranges and tangerines.  Both of these flavors are present in a big way in this juice.  And lemon is hard for anyone to miss.  I’ve had a few lemon-based E-juices that taste more like lemon skin than the meat of the lemon.  This vape is slap-happy with freshly squeezed lemon juice (which is my preferred lemon flavor).  Sometimes, the lemon overpowers the orange and tangerine just a bit, but then the other two flavors return with a vengeance a moment later.  Steeping evened these moments out a little more, with better homogenization (can I use that word in reference to E-juice?) of the three flavors.

Mount Baker offers many levels of customization as far as the “construction” of your tailor-made E-juice goes.  I got a 50/50 vegetable glycerine to propylene glycol ratio bottle with two extra shots of flavor, and an 80/20 ration bottle without any extra shots.  The 80/20 Lightspeed was obviously a little easier on the throat… a little too much so, for yours truly, but the flavor was strong enough to carry the juice well without any extra shots.  The 50/50 blend with the two extra shots had a stronger throat hit, a quality I prefer but many others might dislike intensely.  The two extra shots of orange/tangerine/lemon flavor were very welcome on the inhale, carrying those citrusy flavors to every taste bud in your mouth, both on the inhale and the exhale.  A small problem came up when I attempted to jack up the voltage on my variable voltage battery.  Only low voltages work with this juice, which is really nothing to complain about since the low voltages produce the same volume of vapor plumes that you find with other juices atomized at higher voltages.

Lightspeed’s blast of citrusy goodness is capable of making you feel like you just stopped at a street-side fruit stand here in Florida.  It delivers the essence of oranges, tangerines, and that extra spurt of lemon, along with whichever strength of throat hit you desire… just make sure you order the correct blend ration of VG and PG to suit your particular “flavor” of vapor inhale.  If you have one of those massive, behemoth battery mods that pumps out an entire-cities-electricity-needs worth of voltage, you’re going to have to get very familiar with the lower limits of your mod’s battery output.  Possibly the use of a lower resistance clearomizer would help, too.  But once you hit the sweet spot with this juice, Mount Baker Vapor will send you at Lightspeed into full taste bud satisfaction.