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Alice in Vapeland- Mystic Mandalime


Normally, when vapes have interesting names or titles, such as Alice in Vapeland’s Mystic Mandalime, I try and open up with a joke playing off that name. I’ve decided against that this time though, as all I could come up with is something about ingesting a substance that has ‘mystic’ in the title and joke about bad drug trips. But I’d rather not risk putting fuel on the anti-vaping fire and deal with some anti-vaping idiot twisting my words and trying to say vaping is a dangerous hallucinogenic substance. I shake my fist at these types of people; those who make putting a joke in a simple review such a difficult endeavor.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, Alice in Vapeland has an interesting flavor here. The name Mandalime expresses a blend of two flavors; Mandarin orange and lime. The two citruses blend quite well together, as one would expect, but also contrast each other in a unique way. The Mandarin orange is quite sweet, and a little tangy, where the lime is a much more tart flavor. The flavors and scents here are so perfect that I had to double check the bottle for any pulp or rinds, just to make sure that this is an E-juice and I’m not vaping actual citrus juice instead. Excellent all day vape. Sweet and fruity, with a respectable sour throat hit.

If you’re the type of person who has trouble biting into a slice of lime, I would suggest taking lighter hits while vaping this juice. That citrus kick can make the throat hit feel a little harsh to the unsuspecting, or those with a lower tolerance for really tart flavors. I am speaking in relative terms though, as Alice in Vapeland makes great vapes that have smooth throat hits and great vapor production. Mystic Mandalime just deviates slightly due to the nature of its flavor.

This vape is wonderful though, the Mandarin orange flavor is great for an ADV, and the lime delivers an extra little punch at the end. Alice in Vapeland does not fail to craft a quality vape with an authentic flavor. And with such a wide variety of flavors, there’s something for everyone in Vapeland.