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Crave Gourmet EJuice- Pumpkin Pie


Crave Gourmet Ejuice is a very unique and fascinating E-juice manufacturer.  I’m going to guess, right up front, that they either directly create their own flavors from scratch, or buy from some local flavor producer with a very unique flair to their art.  Either way, I have yet to taste flavors as wholly different and exotic as the ones used in Crave’s E-juices.  Their Pumpkin Pie, for example, has more genuine spice flavors than I’ve ever tasted in an E-juice.  And the flavor is so completely different from all of the other pumpkin pie concoctions I’ve tasted.  Based out of Canada, Crave has been in the business of E-juice manufacturing since 2011.  Their two years of experience has yielded very positive results, but I should warn everyone that this is the first E-juice I’ve come across that could be categorized as an “acquired taste.”  This doesn’t mean that it tastes horrible at first… it simply means that continual vaping brings out multiple taste aspects.  All of the juices produced by Crave are nicotine-free, so if you’re looking for nicotine, you might not do will with this particular company, or you can just buy an unflavored nicotine E-liquid and mix the two.  And last but certainly not least, Crave’s products are PG-free as well… all natural vegetable glycerine, natural flavorings and spices!

The intense cinnamon flavor of the pumpkin pie E-liquid is immediately apparent as soon as the vapor enters your mouth.  Actually, no.  Belay that.  The cinnamon flavor is immediately apparent as soon as you open up your vape mail.  The incredibly strong aroma passes right through the glass bottle and the plastic seal around it.  On an apropos side-note, the postal service crushed my first shipment of Crave juice samples.  Only two of the five bottles sent survived said crushing.  One of the casualties was a bottle of Crave’s Licorice E-juice.  When I opened the box and saw that the interiors were covered in oily glycerine, I rescued the two survivors and immediately brought the rest of the disastrous mess to my apartment complex’s dumpster.  However, that didn’t stop my entire house from smelling like licorice for the next three days.  Guests asked if we had spilled a bottle of Jagermeister in our kitchen.  Me and Jager had a disagreement about 15 years ago and we haven’t forgiven each other yet.  Those three days were tough for me.  Anyways, I apologize for the sidetracking, but that story should testify to the fact that Crave Gourmet E-Juice Doesn’t f*** around with their flavorings.  To sum up their Pumpkin Pie juice; spices are present in their natural and freshly ground essences, perfectly blended together in order to convey the absolute pumpkin pie-ness of Pumpkin Pie!

Because of the 100% VG content of Crave Gourmet E-liquids, the throat hit is incredibly light… as light as the surrounding atmosphere itself, especially in the non-minty/menthol flavors.  This is probably an admirable characteristic for most vapers out there.  I prefer a little more throat hit in my vapor, but that’s because I killed all of the nerves in my throat with unfiltered clove cigarettes years ago.  I’m pretty sure I could pull off sword-swallowing for a living if this website stuff runs dry.  If you are a fan of a harder TH, you still may appreciate Crave’s products because of the volume of the vapor produced in the atomization process.  I have also used it for cocktailing with other juices.  Crave’s Pumpkin Pie mixes great with just about any Cheese Cake, Vanilla, Custard, and even Chocolate E-juices.  If you make sure the juice you’re adding to the cocktail is a 50/50 VG/PG blend, you’ll get a good throat hit coupled with the fantastic flavor of Crave’s prodigious creation.

The most fascinating part of Crave’s website is that they point out all of the other uses for their E-juice, which is probably the same for all zero nicotine E-liquids.  Some of these uses (besides the obvious) are household vaporizers/humidifiers, diffusers, and flavoring coffees, teas, etc.  This might be something very important for all of us to bear in mind while the FDA exercises their excessive power over our lives so they can line their pockets with mithril… which is difficult, because mithril first needs to be created in reality, not just in the pages of Tolkien’s works, and then it needs to be rarefied to increase it’s value, then it needs to be manipulated into a weavable form suited for pockets.  But I digress, yet again, on a rant about the Enemy.  The Canadian company, Crave’s Gourmet E-juice, is a luxurious manufacturer of E-cigarette liquids, and because they have left themselves open to all of the other possibilities for their products, they are an industry leader in innovation.  Their Pumpkin Pie juice is a great example of how much flavor and aroma they can pack into every milileter of liquid contained in their bottles.