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Alice in Vapeland- Twas Brillig


Once again, Alice in Vapeland has produced an E-juice with a name that I can’t figure out a decent joke for. How do you make a joke about a name like ‘Twas Brillig’? No seriously, I need these jokes to get into a good writing rhythm here. Without the opening joke I might have to resort to reviewing this vape in the form of a nonsense poem.

Twas Brillig is a delicious vape to savor,

With a creamy blackberry flavor,

There’s an accent of cream,

Or so it would seem,

Screw it, I suck at poems.

I tried. Anyways, this vape does taste like a slice of homemade blackberry pie with a heaping spoonful of whipped cream on top. It’s sweet, tangy, tart, and silky smooth all at the same time. The aroma is light, but almost as pleasant as the vape itself. Now it’s really easy to vape something with a dessert flavor and call it a dessert vape, but given that Twas Brillig isn’t overly sweet, it can easily pass as an ADV. One of the things I really enjoy about more complex flavors like these is there’s a little variation when you vape on it for a while. This is no exception. Some hits feel like you just ate a wild blackberry, and others taste much more like a creamy baked good.

The throat hit has that same mild variation with the flavor, but overall, for a tangy flavor like this one, the hit is surprisingly smooth. The vapor production is enough to impress a hookah smoking caterpillar, so it’s good enough for me. Treat this juice like an actual blackberry pie and let it steep on your windowsill or kitchen counter for a while. A flavor like this one should really be enjoyed to its full potential.

While some of the names of their juices might be a bit confusing for those who only have a passing familiarity with the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice in Vapeland continues to impress with their juices, providing a wide variety of flavors with quality juices. I suggest you wander down your nearest rabbit hole and sample a few for yourself.