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Crave Gourmet Ejuice- Banana


I think that there is so much competition out there in the world of the glorious E-juice industry to nail down new and exciting proprietary blends, that we forget that customers might actually enjoy a return to the basics on occasion.  Sometimes, and I’m speaking for myself and a few of my friends who are indicative of your average, every day vaper, we just want to do the mixing ourselves… or we simply want one, solitary yet perfectly flavored taste.  In this case, Crave has created a juice simply named “Banana.”  And not too surprisingly, it tastes like a banana.  However… there is a lot of variation when it comes to the flavor of a simple banana.  Is it more like those most beloved of Halloween candies, Runts?  Or is it closer to banana baby food (my personal favorite)?  Or maybe it’s more like the actual taste one experiences when biting into a ripe banana?  And if that’s the case… what kind of banana?  Red, baby, plantain, Burro, Manzano, or the popular Cavendish?

This E-juice by Crave is primarily marketed to a North American market out of their home base in Canada, so they’ve decided to stay true to the banana known best by North Americans; the Cavendish.  (That’s the normal, average, everyday yellow banana you see at 7-11 and prison mess halls… and, you know… other places.)  I’ve had plenty of banana E-juices that are more reminiscent of Runts candies than they are of fresh bananas, and they are great, for what they are.  Everyone loved the little banana Runt the best, remember?  However, there’s something to be said for the rich, enlivening flavor of real, ripe, delicious bananas.  And the best thing about banana E-juice, specifically Crave Gourmet EJuice’s Banana, is that it’s perfect for cocktailing juices.  This is why I really appreciate the E-juice companies like Crave and Mr Nice Guy Vape.  They don’t get a chance to show off their mad skillz (misspelled on purpose because I’m all contemporary like that) in the five-star chef-ery department, but they turn out solid, immediately recognizable flavorz (Mwahahaha!  Take that Websters!), named after exactly what they are.  In my graduated E-juice display case, I have a row of Crave and MNG Vape juices with flavors like Peppermint, Raspberry, Blueberry, Butterscotch, Mango, Watermelon, and of course Banana.  Not very exciting names, but when I want to make my own E-cocktails, I know exactly what flavors I’m working with.

Crave is, much to the chagrin of all of those hard-throat-hit-loving folks out there, is not only a nicotine-free company, but they also don’t use any propylene glycol at all.  They are a strictly vegetable glycerine-based company.  This is why I feel it’s important to point out the cocktailing potentials of Crave’s products.  They are all spectacular E-juices and their flavors are very unlike those used by other E-liquid manufacturers.  I pointed out previously, in my review of Crave’s Pumpkin Pie juice, that I feel as though Crave Gourmet EJuice makes their own flavorings from scratch.  Either that or they purchase their flavorings from a small, local company whose name is by and large unknown in the vaping community.  Their flavors are simply too different than all of the other juices I’ve had an opportunity to taste.  The aroma of these juices is intense and far-reaching.  When you are vaping Crave, everyone in the immediate and intermediate area (due to the fast-expanding plumes of vapor produced by Crave juices) will know it, and enjoy the relaxing scent of bananas, pumpkin pie, peppermint, ambrosia, or whichever flavor you are vaping.

When it comes to Crave Gourmet EJuice, I feel as though I’ve discovered a coveted treasure.  If you want to experience flavors that don’t come from the same handful of flavoring companies that all the other E-juice manufacturers use, then look no further than Crave.  Their Banana E-juice is a perfect example of the genius of Crave’s minimalistic approach to their manufacturing and bottling process.  No fancy names are needed here… like The Badger’s Toe Blood, or A Temperate Walk Through Death Valley At High Noon In August, or The Tyranosaur’s Gurgling Belch.  (I made those up… maybe I shouldn’t start my own E-juice company).  Crave is satisfied to simply give you an E-juice named Banana, and show you what unadulterated banana flavoring in a vaporous form should really taste like.