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Alice in Vapeland- 15 Foot Falls


After writing several reviews for Alice in Vapeland’s wonderful E-juices, I have to ask myself, what can I say about these fantastic vapes that I have not said before? I’ll start by saying that if you’ve read my other AiV reviews, and have yet to try any of their products, you’re only hurting yourself, and you shouldn’t do that. Upon getting my greedy digits on one of their products, I already know I’m going to enjoy a smooth throat hit, strong vapor production, and a wonderful flavor. With that being said, this will probably be my last review for Alice in Vapeland for a while, but by no means the last of my enjoying their products.

15 Foot Falls is an interesting blend of flavors. The most prominent being toasted marshmallow and graham cracker. Upon further tasting however, it’s easy to identify a coconut accent, and a touch of tobacco as well. Mixed together and this flavor leaves you feeling warm and cozy inside. It’s a sweet flavor, but it’s also light and pleasant, making it a great choice for both a dessert vape and an ADV.

The flavor makes the throat hit nice and easy. In fact, if it wasn’t for that pinch of tobacco flavoring, I’d say the throat hit might actually be too mild for the veteran smoker to really enjoy. Still, this vape delivers exactly what I’ve come to expect from Alice in Vapeland in terms of quality. The flavor is a little more complex compared to their other products, so steeping is a must if you really want to enjoy the rich blend they’ve concocted here.

I’d say I’m ending my reviews of AiV on a high note, but that tends to imply that there was a low note, which is simply not true. As I stated in a previous review, Alice in Vapeland will close their site from time to time to avoid falling behind on orders, causing a mild inconvenience in getting what you want from them, but it also stands as a sign of their quality and growing popularity. It is most definitely worth the wait though, and suggest you make an effort to get an order in as quickly as possible.

Happy Vaping,