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Golden Gate Vapor- Honey Dew


I may be a little biased when it comes to anything based out of San Francisco or the Bay Area in general, because… well, I left my heart in San Francisco.  To be completely accurate, I actually left it in Monterey, but that whole area along the Northern California Coast is beautiful.  That beauty bleeds through into everything produced out of the area; the architecture, the art, the cars, the women, and apparently even the E-juice.  Golden Gate Vapor is probably going to become one of those cream-of-the-crop E-liquid manufacturers if their Honey Dew juice is a good indicator of the quality of their production standards.  If someone were to shrink themselves down to the size of a runt-of-the-litter, teacup, pigmy platypus embryo, and shrink a honeydew melon down to a comparable size, and squeeze the juice of the melon directly onto the atomizer as you drew the vapor into your mouth, that’s pretty much the degree of freshness and perfect honeydew-ness we’re talking about with this Golden Gate Vapor flavor.

The perfectly sweet and velvety flavor of the typical ripened honeydew melon is present the second the thick, humid vapor of Golden Gate Vapor’s Honey Dew E-juice passes the threshold of your lips.  I personally believe that the watermelon and the honeydew melon are the best flavors of the melon family of fruit for inclusion in E-liquids.  The characteristic flavors of these two melons, and their natural sweetness and soft, understated sense of velvety smoothness translate perfectly into the language of vaping.  Which is to say in layman’s terms; this Honey Dew E-juice is really, unbelievably, incredibly, spectacularly, stupendously, insanely awesome in every way… and you may just stop trying other flavors after this one and decide to vape nothing but this Golden Gate Vapor flavor for the rest of your recently prolonged, lung cancer-free life!  Every nuance, every molecule, and all of the complexity of one of the sweetest melons in the world is embodied in it’s entirety in the 10ml bottle from the Golden Gate Vapor E-juice company.

The throat hit and vapor production of Golden Gate Vapor’s Honey Dew are among the highest caliber of E-juice perfection.  As with the previously reviewed Epic Juice products, the throat hit of this fantastic juice goes above and beyond that of an analog cigarette.  This is the kind of vape that demonstrates how vaping can and will become it’s own, autonomous entity… not reliant on the volumn and consistency of tobacco smoke in order to define it’s identity.  Vaping takes on it’s own, unparalleled characteristics in E-liquids like this one.  The moisture (which actually goes beyond simple moisture and enters into the realm of high humidity) swirls around in the thick, palpable vapor of the Honey Dew juice in a way that announces its presence in a crystal clear tone to your mouth, taste buds, throat, and lungs.  This unique quality surpasses the simple experience of smoking and essentially invents a new experience all together.

If you know someone who is trying to quit smoking by making the transition from tobacco (analog) cigs over to the healthier and better tasting/smelling universe of electronic cigarettes, buy them (or recommend for them) a decent, refillable E-cig with a tank-based clearomizer and a few bottles of this, and a few other, Golden Gate Vapor products.  I can’t imagine someone who is used to the same old, dry taste of cheap, reconstituted tobacco cigarette smoke tasting a single drag of Honey Dew vapor off of an E-cigarette and not being so impressed that they toss their remaining analogs in the trash and make the transition instantaneously.  Every time I get vape mail, I’m a little apprehensive about trying the new juices, because I don’t want to experience anything negative associated with vaping.  So every trip to the mailbox is like Christmas morning, and every tasting of a new E-juice is like Russian Roulette… sort of.  In conclusion, life is actually very much like a package of E-juice samples… you never know what you’re gonna get… Lieutenant Dan!