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Golden Gate Vapor- Pixie Stix


The above picture looks kinda like a pile of clown cocaine (that explains the incessant, evil smiles those creepy bastards sport), which actually hits fairly near the mark for Golden Gate Vapor’s Pixie Stix E-juice… or, as I like to think of it, the cocaine of E-liquids.  This E-juice found it’s way into my top five favorite juices in the first drag, which I took right out of the package before even ten minutes of steeping.  Pixie Sticks, for those of you who don’t live anywhere on this planet, are paper tubes full of the Lord’s private reserve stock of flavored sugar.  Someone over in the foggy city of San Francisco figured out a way to sneak into God’s personal Pixie Stick storage facility, swipe a few thousand cases of the good stuff, melt it down and homogenize it with a little propylene glycol, and serve it up as E-liquid for those of us chosen vapers to enjoy.

The flavor of this juice is, as you may have already guessed, fashioned after those most coveted of Halloween handouts, Pixie Sticks.  Golden Gate Vapor has managed to make vapor actually taste like granules of flavored sugar, so much so that sitting on the couch, eating Pixie Sticks and vaping Pixie Stix turns into an uninterrupted flow of sugary delectability.  There really isn’t a specific “flavor” of Pixie Stick to speak of.  The taste of this Golden Gate Vapor creation is more like taking every color Pixie Stick, opening all of them at once, and dumping all of them into your mouth at once… you know, without the accidental inhale followed by two and a half hours of violent coughing, sneezing, and crying.  (You know it’s happened to you at least once!)

One of the characteristics of Golden Gate Vapor’s E-juices is the insanely spectacular throat hit.  It doesn’t matter if I’m vaping this one off of a standard eGo 650 starter battery and a CE4 clearo, or my Evic and Protank… This juice very easily vaporizes, and produces a thick, moist vapor that announces itself to the throat and lungs with no apology.  It’s so perfect that I wonder if the fog in San Francisco was actually captured and de-vaporized for inclusion in Golden Gate Vapor’s liquids.  I remember going for early morning runs in Monterey (just an hour South of San Fran) when I was stationed at the Presidio, and the air was almost always thick with a cool, dense fog, almost every day of the year.  While running, I obviously was forced to breath more and more heavily the further I ran (I still hate running to this day… 12 years later!).  I always loved the sensation of breathing that dense, Pacific Coast fog into my lungs.  In contrast, running in the desert was a form of torture that should be implemented by the CIA for “information-gathering operations.”

I just can’t say enough about Pixie Stix by Golden Gate Vapor.  This is one of my favorite vapes, by far, that I’ve had since I first started vaping back in 2006/2007.  Next to Main Squeeze by Epic, Butterscotch by Mr Nice Guy, and Heaven’s Nector by Flavorz… Pixie Stix holds its own in every way.  The only thing I can say about this juice that could possibly be construed as a negative is that a few people who tried to vape it said it tasted a bit like dishwasher detergent.  I don’t know what kind of life they lead where they are familiar with the flavor of detergent, but the TV show Strange Addictions comes to mind.  I personally think that these guys are completely insane and should be locked up in a padded white room somewhere, but that’s just my opinion.  I’ll let you decide for yourself whether or not they deserve to be forcibly removed from society or not.

Use "EJC" Coupon Code when you Place your Order!
Use “EJC” Coupon Code when you Place your Order!