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Well, it’s that time of year again (you know, one quarter of the entire year, ranging from mid-to-late September to Just after the New Year) where we turn our collective taste buds towards the traditional “seasonal” types of flavors.  Mr Nice Guy Vape has just released their Pumpkin Spice E-Juice as their limited run, seasonal offering.  Secretly (OK, not-so-secretly because I’m posting it publically for the world to read) I hope that MNG Vape decides this coming January to continue carrying this particular juice all year round, because it’s scrum-diddly-umptious to say the least.  Take the words Thanksgiving Day dessert, along with everything that those soul-comforting words represent and embody, and blend them into some propylene glycol (or vegetable glycerine, whichever is your preferred poison… and yes, that was facetiousness).  Thanks to my insider info, I know that MNG Vape has recently switched over to a fully automated bottling assembly line, and is turning out about 5,000 bottles a day.  The noteworthy part of this announcement is that their quality has not suffered at all.

Mr Nice Guy’s Pumpkin Spice is a perfect blend of very realistic, very fresh-tasting pumpkin meat (you know, the stuff you scoop out onto a newspaper when carving a Jack-o-lantern) and the perfect amount and blend of those traditional, holiday seasonings such as cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, anise, etc.  All of these seasonings come out very noticeably during the course of vaping this absolutely fabulous, new E-juice by MNG Vape.  The creaminess of the pumpkin is something that is either understated or missing in other pumpkin-based flavors.  And many of the Pumpkin Spice-esque juices out there only employ a couple of the aforementioned spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, for example.  This juice uses every holiday spice you can imagine, and you can taste each and every spice.

Besides the taste, Mr Nice Guy Vape’s E-juice packs a helluva throat hit.  Their proprietary blend ratio of VG to PG is designed by geniuses to provide the perfect vehicle for the flavorings, while also delivering a smooth yet noticeable vapor into your lungs.  My heart will always belong to MNG Vape, because they are the reason I was finally able to leave analogs in the past for good. (knock on wood… or in this case pumpkins.)  Their carefully designed catalog of flavors is designed specifically for the mixing of your own blends of flavors.  Essentially, they are the Linux of the Vaping community, and allow for unlimited customization of flavors for your vaping pleasure.  MNG Vape also carries the Megatwix clearomizer, which houses two separated E-juice tanks, each with their own atomizer coil.  This allows you to fill each tank with a different flavor and combine the vapor itself in order to invent your own, specialty blends.  In this case, I made several enjoyable combinations; pumpkin spice/caramel latte, pumpkin spice/watermelon (sounds weird, but it tasted AWESOME!), and pumpkin spice/butterscotch (a slice of Heaven on Earth).

So, once again, MNG Vape has hit one out of the park whilst the proverbial bases were loaded.  Grand Slam!  Home Run!  And, of course, Touchdown!  I urge all of my readers to get a hold of few bottles of Pumpkin Spice ASAP, because I have been assured by my Mr Nice Guy-employed friends that this flavor is going to be discontinued in January, after the Holidays.  And who knows if they’ll bring it back next year or not?

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