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Pineapple Peach

I remember when I was young, I loved that moment when my mother would thaw the can of frozen pineapple/peach/orange juice (from concentrate), mix the required three cans of tap water into it, and serve up a tall glass of tropical heaven.  Golden Gate Vapor has also, just like my beloved mother, served up an E-juice of tropical heaven (without that ‘from concentrate’ taste, and without the inclusion of the orange of course), in their aptly-named Pineapple Peach.  These are two flavors that have been proven time and time again to work VERY well in E-juice.  They’re citrus, but not overly citrus.  Their flavors are smooth and velvety, and neither of them are overbearing in any way.  The combination of the two actually increases the smoothness and veltety-ness factor of the resulting juice exponentially.  And with Golden Gate Vapor’s penchant for nailing the perfect ratio of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) to PG (Propylene Glycol) by taking into account the PG which the flavorings themselves are housed in, the PG or VG that contains the nicotine, in addition to the base liquids used for the mixture, this juice has everything going for it.

As stated above, the flavor of Pineapple Peach by Golden Gate Vapor is, not surprisingly, heavy on both the pineapple and peach.  However, I am tempted to think that there may be a very tiny hint of banana, or possibly mango mixed in to this liquid, as well.  I can’t stress enough the actual smoothness level of this vape.  If you could vaporize silk that had been used to wrap a fruit salad made entirely of pineapple and peach slices (with, again, a hint of banana and/or mango) the resulting vapor would be this glorious creation by Golden Gate Vapor.  Then, on top of the silky character of Pineapple Peach E-juice, we once again find that perfect moisture level that projects vaping far beyond any dry, smoking experience one might find in analog, tobacco cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or even hookahs.

A vary thick, nearly opaque cloud of vapor will be produced by your clearomizer, no matter what type you use, whether it be an expensive Genesis clearo, or a cheapo CE-4.  I vaped Pineapple Peach in several different ways, with several E-cigarette hardware combinations.  First, I used it in a T-4 clearo, with a bottom-atomizer, on an eGo-Twist 1100 with the voltage set around 4 volts… the result was, of course, perfect.  Then I took out the big guns and vaped this Golden Gate Vapor juice on my eVic with a Kanger ProTank.  I set the wattage at 7.5 with a voltage of 4.41… the result was, of course, even more perfect.  Golden Gate manufactures E-juices that are almost, if I may be so bold, meal replacements.  I’m considering writing a book called, Doc Ollie’s Vape Diet.  The throat hit is so flawlessly amazing that it actually affects your stomach and tricks it into believing that it has just received one of its thrice-daily doses of sustenance.

Golden Gate Vapor is one of my personal favorite E-juice manufacturers, and their Pineapple Peach just reinforces this.  It’s these micro-manufacturers (I use the term loosely, drawing a comparison to the uniqueness and quality found in beer micro-brews) which concentrate on a smaller selection of flavors, that really wow the senses when their creations are vaped.  Epic Juice is another of these micro-manufacturers, as is Vape33 (reviews coming soon).  I know that they are actually quite popular, and ship quite a large supply of products around the country, but they aren’t Dekang, and I consider that a good thing.  Actually, I consider that more like a comparison of 5-star restaurant, perfectly seared prime rib to a stick of generic beef jerky.  But here I digress.  What I really want to impart here is the knowledge that Golden Gate Vapor should be on your to-do list when it comes to your near-future vaping-related purchases.

Use "EJC" Coupon Code when you Place your Order!
Use “EJC” Coupon Code when you Place your Order!