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Caramel Apple

Caramel (I stress the second ‘a’ in the word to differentiate it from the town of Carmel, CA, near where I once lived) is one of the best possibly flavors you can incorporate into an E-juice blend.  The “original” E-juice flavor is the ever-popular RY4, which is nothing more than tobacco with a hint of caramel for smoothness.  Essentially, you can hardly go wrong by mixing in a touch of caramel to whichever flavor you might be toying with, whether you’re into DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, or you have fun cocktailing your juices like I do.  However, it’s always a trick to actually concentrate on using caramel as the (or one of the) main flavors in your E-liquid.  Vape 33 has nailed this perfectly with their Caramel Apple mix.  The caramel in this juice tastes like freshly melted caramel dripping off of a spoon that just re-emerged from a melting pot full of liquid caramelized sugar.  Pure, silky smooth, caramel goodness in vapor form.  Oh, yeah, and a touch of apple, too.

There might be a few people out there that would prefer to taste a bit more apple in this mix, and I’m not even going to say that they’re wrong.  It’s all a matter of taste.  However, it is obvious that there is an element of what tastes to me like bright red granny smith apple, mixed in with the gloriousness of the caramel.  Vape 33 has decided to use a milder apple flavor in lieu of the sour green apple in order to, I believe, highlight the caramel sugar flavor that they should be very proud of, without loosing completely the sense of Caramel Apple they’re going for.  I helped to fix one girl’s clearomizer, and in the process, I accidentally spilled her half-full (or half-empty) tank all over the ground… so I offered to refill it with my Vape 33 Caramel Apple E-juice, which she accepted as suitable payment for my error.  Big mistake.  I can’t get this girl to stay away from me now.  She follows me around like a puppy asking to try other E-liquids (of which I carry many in my backpack).  I even gave her some really crappy Chinese stuff, which she didn’t even like, and I still can’t get away from her.  So, the moral of the story is, of course, keep your Vape 33 hidden, out of site, and don’t let anyone else try it!  That, and transfer it to an empty Dekang bottle, ala the Chex Mix decoy bag commercials.

Vape 33 is another one of those companies that have discovered that magical blend of VG (Vegetable Glycerine), PG (Propylene Glycol), nicotine, and flavorings that create a thick, formidable liquid in the bottle, translating to a dense, formidable fog of vapor plumes post-atomization.  This means, of course, that while the throat hit on Caramel Apple is heavy, it is by no means irritating to the throat or lungs, and actually goes down quite smooth.  There are some out there who might prefer that 100% VG, barely-there throat hit (usually former ultra-light smokers, or vapers who never smoked before), who might need to dial down the voltage/wattage in order to cut back a bit on the throat hit, although a friend of mine who vapes without ever having smoked in the past loves this one… even at a high wattage setting on my eVic.  If you’re like me, though, and you smoked for ten, 15, or even 20 or more years, this throat hit will be very familiar and more-than-just-acceptable to you.

Vape 33 is a company I’m going to enjoy following over the next couple years.  They are interesting because they offer that high quality, micro-manufacturer feel (again I use the term loosely in order to make a comparison to the uniqueness and quality of beer micro-breweries in our country and around the world.), yet they offer a larger selection of flavors than the typical micro-manufacturer.  So, with Vape 33, you get the best of both worlds… just like the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana: you get a vast array of flavors, to meet your every palatine whim, and you also get the highly enjoyable, high quality vaping experience which you’ll find in many of the other top-shelf companies’ products.  The other wonderful thing about the makers of the best Caramel Apple I’ve had to date is that, on their website, you can choose either a 5ml bottle for an extremely low price, or once you find your favorite flavor, you can order a glass/eye-dropper 30ml bottle.

Use Coupon Code "EJC33" for 15% Off!
Use Coupon Code “EJC33” for 15% Off!