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Caterpillar- Off with her Head



Just when I thought I was done reviewing ejuices with Alice in Wonderland references attached to them, Caterpillar had to come along and change that. Not that I really mind what a company calls itself or their products. If it’s a good vape, it’s a good vape. Bonus points to a name that adds a little extra fluff to my review.

Off With Head! is an interesting name for this vape, to say the least. I’m not sure how one associates decapitation with a green apple Jolly Rancher flavor, but that’s what they’ve done here. Caterpillar has done an excellent job capturing the taste of those delicious little hard candies though. Sugary sweet, and notably sour, there is no mistaking that flavor anywhere. The juice even smells like an all but forsaken hard candy that’s sticking to the wrapper because you’ve had it in your pocket for the past few hours. The fruity flavor of this juice isn’t too powerful, so it makes for a great ADV.

The juice also provides a decent throat hit, smooth and sweet. A lot better than having the actual candy getting caught in your throat, I assure you. Caterpillar also has excellent vapor production. Steeping is a plus, but you can get away with skipping it if you felt inclined to do so.

All in all, Caterpillar has cooked up a nice little e-juice for your enjoyment.  The classic candy flavor is spot on without coming off as too strong. A definite must for all you candy junkies.

Happy Vaping,