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First up… if you stare at the above image long enough, not only will you be haunted by faces of evil clowns in your sleep while miniature gremlins in the waking world stand on your chest and steal the breath out of your lungs, but you’ll also notice that “RY4” is  cleverly hidden in the name of G2 Vapor’s caRnY4 E-liquid.  For those of you who aren’t super-charged, no-life-having vape geeks like myself, RY4 is essentially the most popular of the “original” E-juice flavors.  It stand for Ruyan #4 and, at it’s base, is more or less a tobacco flavor with a touch of caramel and vanilla.  As simple as this sounds, there have been RY4 competitions at vape meets/conventions, on vaping-related websites, and many other venues, and there exist innumerable variations in the subtleties of this complex flavor blend.  Tobacco is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, flavor to nail in the world of E-juice flavoring.  The problem is, of course, that no actual burning takes place in the vaping process (unless your atomizer is dying or your wick is drying out).  Tobacco and burning tobacco consist of very different tastes, smells, inhalation properties, etc.  This is simply an impossible obstacle to overcome, as far as I’ve seen, but G2 Vapor has pushed this part of the industry forward and established a new measuring stick.

G2 Vapor’s addition to the world of RY4 E-juices, aptly names caRnY4, immediately announces itself to the senses (both olfactory and taste) with the pleasant essence of a jar of fresh, perfectly humidified, golden Virginia cigarette tobacco.  When I was still a smoker, I was also a connoisseur of the many, many variations of tobacco (or at least I like to imagine that I was).  There used to be a brand of loose cigarette tobacco called Three Castles, which came in a vacuum-sealed package imported from England (for some reason, Virginia tobacco grows best and produces the smoothest smoke when it is grown in England… go figure it out).  Three Castles rolling tobacco was a 50/50 blend of both Turkish tobacco… that would be real Turkish tobacco, not the few molecules of reconstituted Turkish-seed tobacco you’ll find (through a magnifying glass) in American Camel cigarettes… and English-grown Golden Virginia tobacco.  While this company was still available at my local Tobacconist, I smoked nothing else.  This gloriously, wonderfully delectable flavor is the first thing that popped into my mind when I vaped G2’s caRnY4.  Not the burning of a freshly rolled Three Castles Tobacco cigarette, mind you, but that soothing, initial aroma of a freshly opened bag.  You’d have to be at least a novice tobacco aficionado in order to appreciate the subtle characteristics of this flavor/scent, but even if you’re not, this vape should feel like walking into an up-scale Tobacconist shop.

In addition to the flavor of the tobacco, caRnY4 by G2 Vapor also incorporates the perfect small hints of vanilla and caramel, which is what gives RY4 its most identifiable characteristic.  These two flavors are almost impossible to distinguish from the stronger tobacco flavor in which they are both couched, but they help to slightly sweeten and lighten the taste of the tobacco vapor.  Now, an E-juice named caRnY4 wouldn’t be complete without a little carny inspiration.  In this case, there seems to be an ever-so slight touch of carnival-esque tastes, such as kettle corn, funnel cake, and an overall, catch-all, deep-fried, whisper of a suggestion that actually does impart on the vaper a sense of Barnum and Bailey’s circus.

The throat hit and the vapor production of G2 Vapor’s flagship creation is right up to there in the top 2 or 3% of all currently available juices.  To continue along the lines of the carnival theme suggested by this E-juice’s name, caRnY4, the vapor production brings to mind the humidity in the air surrounding the big-top tent and all of the carnival rides.  Carnivals, at least the ones I’ve been to here in Florida, out West in Cali, and up North in Chicago, all tend to be nestled in a field of grass, near some finished pavement of some sort, but not on it.  These grassy areas are generally covered with dew in the mornings and overlaid by a dense fog… which would only increase in denseness exponentially if you were to stand amidst it all and vape caRnY4.  And the throat hit you’ll experience from this nearly flawless E-liquid opus is just as smooth and enticing as the draw of light, gentle smoke you would get off of the aforementioned Three Castle, rolled analog cigarette… even without a filter!

I must confess that I haven’t delved as deeply into the world of RY4 appreciation as some of my peers in the E-juice aficionado community… but I’ve tasted more than enough to be able to tell that caRnY4 by G2 Vapor is among the 99th percentile of this flavor category.  It’s flavor and smoothness carried on the backs of billowing plumes of thick vapor testifies to the high-quality standards of the G2 Vapor company.  I feel like this product has given me a glimpse into the brilliant minds of G2 Vapor’s mix-masters in their Maryland laboratory.


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