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“E-Cigs Lead to Youth Smoking” is like “Insulin Injections Lead to Heroine Addiction”



The struggling ANTZ (Anti-Nicotine and Tobacco Zealots) are failing in their attempt to pin their entire “ban E-cigs” argument on an ancient, half-assed study that kinda found traces of something in two or three E-cigarette cartridges (not clearomizers or separately bottled E-juices, I might add) that is also found in antifreeze, which is of course toxic to human beings… in much higher quantities.  This highly questionable, high-school-freshman-caliber research project (non-honros class) is losing its actual effectiveness even on the dumbed down masses who live and breath by the meager intellectual sustenance provided by their smartphone’s news widget’s headlines… So, clutching at straws in a desperate attempt to slow their inevitable death-by-quick-sand-sinking, these ANTZ half-wits are trying a new approach.  This time, they’ve decided to stoop to an appeal to emotion fallacy by dragging kids into the mix.  They are now arguing that E-cigarettes need to be banned because our children will see people vaping, and want to start vaping themselves, which will addict them to nicotine… and after an undisclosed amount of time, they will decide to abandon the variety of thousands of delicious flavors in exchange for tobacco-flavored-only, analog, tobacco cigarettes.  There’s only one problem with this shiny, new argument of theirs… in several parts:

  1. If they are really that concerned about keeping children safe from the evil cigarettes, lurking in the alley with rape-gloves on, then just go ahead and make all cigarettes everywhere illegal!
  2. By the same exact form of this argument, we could also suggest that children who see Smart cars and Priuses will eventually be lead to driving ’78 Chevy Scottsdale pickup trucks that get 7 mpg and spew tons of gross-smelling fumes into the atmosphere.
  3. The fact that more and more states are legalizing the smoking of marijuana (unfiltered) cigarettes in public sort of demolishes the whole argument that children are going to develop bad habits from seeing vapers vaping in public, but will remain totally unaffected when seeing patchouli-drenched hippies getting stoned right next to their playground in the name of “health.”
  4. As I’ve pointed out in a previous article of three; If they really believe that certain flavors such as gummy bear, whipped cream, butterscotch, banana, kiwi strawberry, etc. are purposefully designed to attract children and convince them to voluntarily die of cancer and subsequently extinct that pesky human race once and for good… then, how come THIS is not only legal, but for the most part not even opposed: http://www.drinkfind.com/full/next.html?id=1 (Pinnacle Vodka’s flavor list)?
  5. Also, in an addendum to #4 above, if the electronic cigarette industry is going to be prohibited from offering flavored E-juice, because the flavors “ensnare” kids… shouldn’t we also restrict the flavors of sodas (using Bloomburg logic, of course)?  I mean, there’s nothing healthy about soda… but flavors like orange, grape, ext. are obviously aimed at convincing children to drink soda and become overweight.  And flavors only appeal to kids.  Adults have absolutely no interest in a variety of flavor at all (sarcasm?  Oh, yeah!).
  6. It’s been mentioned that 7% of kids in grades 6 through 12 have already tried cigarettes.  Why is that particular range of grades/ages used, I wondered quietly to myself as I aimed my best dart at the dartboard with the CDC’s logo taped to it… How many of the kids in question were in 6th Grade, and how many were in 12th Grade?  Maybe it’s just me, but that doesn’t seem like a very descriptive grade range for statistical analysis.

So, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe, just possibly, this whole “e-cigarettes target children” thing is just a smoke screen for something happening behind the scene.  Something a little more sinister.  And maybe, just maybe, there’s a little projection going on here.  The ANTZ in the higher echelon of the E-cig-hating hierarchy know that their greedy shenanigans are wrong, both morally and ethically, and they feel so guilty about that, unconsciously, they are attempting to put their sin on us.  Well, I’m not going to bite.  We are not targeting children.  We are targeting our friends who still haven’t been able to successfully quit smoking.  You know, the ones we don’t want to die because we love them and would miss them, and would really, really prefer not to watch them die a slow, suffering, miserable death by cancer.  I think this reason takes on a much higher priority than convincing ten year-olds to start smoking filterless Lucky Strikes until they get throat cancer and have to have their legs amputated (cause that’s what I saw in the commercial).


  1. And an addendum to point #5, all those wonderful child ensnaring soda flavors “just may” lead to diabetes too.. Now thats a bitch of a disease. Great article. I think you just may be spot on with your conclusion. I love it. This is going straight into my vaping bible.

  2. The succulent names of ejuice flavors may appear to offer a heady delicious taste sensation, however I personally would get far more satisfaction from eating a Gummy Bear then vaping something that may or may not resemble the original taste. Juice, candies, desserts, etc. are far more satisfying to the sweet-tooth inclined then ejuice is. The kids will first and foremost want to vape (ie. smoke), flavours aside. I highly doubt they will be walking around licking their lips from an ejuice.

      • Well it’s not just a matter of underdeveloped taste buds… the flavors themselves are not enough to lure a child/teenager into vaping. Very important point! The flavors just don’t match the real thing. If a kid wants juicy sweets, ejuice isn’t going to do it for them. The only kids that would be attracted to the flavors are kids that are attracted to smoking first and foremost. If the kids are attracted to smoking, then vaping is a healthier alternative, although I’m not condoning attracting kids by any means. It’s just part of the argument. Maybe, just maybe, the flavors could make it easier for a kid to take vaping up but they won’t lure someone who doesn’t want to smoke or vape into it. I think the flavored alcohol is much tastier and much more compelling…

        • Menthols are intended to make the inhalation of cigarettes easier on a person. So are clove (kretek) cigarettes, which are no longer available as cigarettes, because of the last round of regulations… but are still availabe as “little cigars,” which of course means that they are still available as cigarettes, albeit under the thin veil of a legal loophole. I don’t tlike that this mindset has so slowly and inconspicuously moseyed onto the scene, that peaople don’t even question themselves when they think of adult products available in flavors which “appeal to children.” If you repeat something often enough, for long enough, it will work its conniving little way into the unconscious thought processes of the general populous. And this particular thought process, mistakenly suggests that flavors that children often choose in their dessert courses and snack foods, can only be used to purposefully attract adolescent attention. If this is true, then these flavors must inevitably not appeal to adults. I don’t know about you, but I love butterscotch pudding just as much now as I did when I was a kid… if not more. They (the ANTZ) are attempting to sew an illogic into the collective mind of America (and the rest of the world, for that matter). If they tell us long enough that flavors other than tobacco and menthol could only be used by nicotine-related industries to purposefully convince children to start vaping (or smoking), they will effectively annihilate the tobacco/nicotine flavor market wholly and for good. But to extend that logic to its natural conclusion, as in a basic logical syllogism, we would then be required to tackle soda flavors, milkshake flavors, coffee flavors, food flavors, and candy flavors as well. Anything that could potentially be unhealthy should be held out of reach of our kids, because they should be practising health-conscious eating/drinking. Sodas, milkshakes, coffees (especially blended, iced lattes and such), fattening foods, and candies are all unhealthy and cause obesity in a large portion of our population. So, obviously, these foods should be flavorless, or only available in one or two bland, unexiting flavors, in order to no longer appeal to children… This is inarguably ridiculous, so the ANTZ cross their fingers and hope that the majority of the population (including the lawmakers themselves) are unschooled in logical thinking, and won’t notice this glaring irregularity. Unfortunately (for them) I AM schooled in formal and informal logic, and I actually solve mathematical logic problems in my free time for fun. I notice EVERY, SINGLE logical inconsistency that our supposed leaders and “experts” throw at us. Also, due to my training as a military interrogator, I also notice EVERY, SINGLE act of deception, misdirection, misinformation, manipulation, and misinterpretation that comes down from above in the hierarchy of mankind. Knowledge increases sorrow, so they say. But it also increases awareness and your ability to defend yourself and your mind against attack!

  3. I know! I understand everything you’re saying. I agree with everything you’ve said. I just wanted to add to the argument against the ridiculousness of the attack on flavors luring kids. It’s just a point that hasn’t been mentioned before (at least I’ve never seen it mentioned anywhere else). Ejuice can be tasty to a smoker, but it just ain’t that lip-smacking to lure in a kid who has never smoked, unless of course, as I said, they really really really want to smoke. The flavors themselves aren’t so very tasty good, they aren’t better than real cheesecake, that someone wants to vape just to taste them. At least that’s what I think :).