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Caterpillar EJuice- Ace of Spades



Once again, a stroke of pure brilliance nothing short of Guinness-record-contending, genius-level IQ has birthed forth unto the Universe the idea of creating a Pixie Stick-flavored E-Juice.  This time, it was Caterpillar EJuice who came up with the idea, and designed to immediately implement this stroke of supernatural intelligence in their spectacular E-liquid, Ace of Spades.  In my opinion, Pixie Sticks are among the top five flavors available for vaping purposes.  There’s something about that mouthful of flavored sugar, suspended in a completely homogenized way in a thick, moist plume of clean vapor that makes me want to be buried with my E-cig and a bottle of Ace of Spades in my pocket.  Seriously, this is quick becoming one of my favorite flavors… and Caterpillar EJuice exemplifies the Pixie Stick flavor almost perfectly!

You might find yourself asking, “OK, but which Pixie Stick does Caterpillar’s Ace of Spades actually taste like?  Red?  Blue?  Green?  The answer is simple and simultaneously infinitely complex; it tastes like all of them at once, until you try to hone in on a specific flavor… then it tastes exactly like that particular Pixie Stick, without the intrusion of the other flavors.  As soon as you relax your gustatory (good word, right?!) focus, the other flavors all return at once and you are, once again, experiencing a mouthful of multicolored granules of pure sugar.  I’m sure there’s something psychological involved in this effect, but whether it’s psychological trickery or black magic, or super-science, turbo-charged, the result is the same.  You can taste all of the Pixie flavors, or just the ones you’re looking to find.  This makes the wheels of my scientifically-oriented brain start turning… attempting to come up with a way to bring the Willy Wonka dream a reality, you know, in the form of E-cigarette vapor.  Remember the part in the film (both the Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp versions, I believe) when the girl chews of some of Wonka’s experimental gum that produces the flavors of an entire banquet, from appetizer to main course, to dessert.  If there’s a way, I believe the mix-masters at the top shelf E-Liquid manufacturing companies will figure it out sooner or later.  Hopefully without the Oompa Loompas’ interference.

Concerning both vapor production, olfactory ratings, and throat hit in this Caterpillar E-liquid creation, you will find all of these particular topics represented in such a way as one would expect from a top shelf vapor company.  There are no equivalents in the world of analogs to this kind of inhalable vapor.  It’s simply something you have to experience personally in order to fully appreciate.  I’ve talked several times about how atomized E-liquid, when mixed together properly with high quality ingredients, can actually surpass anything one might experience simply by smoking actual, traditional tobacco cigarettes.  This phenomenon is the very reason why I no longer feel the urge to return to analogs.  I can hang out around all of my smoking friends and family without worry or even the slightest modicum of temptation.  A good atomizer, when allowed to wick up a well-made E-juice like Ace of Spades, produces a nice, billowing cloud of nicotinated fog, which sails down your throat and into your lungs like greased owl shit (OK, maybe that was a bad simile).  How ’bout “down your throat and into your lungs like a teaspoon of KY followed by a swig of Astroglide?  That just about describes this Caterpillar juice’s TH perfectly.

All in all, Caterpillar’s Ace of Spades is definitely worth getting your hands on, and getting into your clearomizer, pronto.  I recommend getting a 30ml bottle, because you wouldn’t believe how fast a tiny 10ml bottle of this stuff will disappear.  Even if you aren’t a heavy vaper, your friends will bleed you dry once they taste the amazing, awesome-full-ity-ness of this glorious vape.  If I was forced to come up with something/anything negative at all to say about this E-juice, I guess I would have to say that I generally prefer a more noticeable throat hit… but seeing as how I smoked two to three packs of Djarum kretek cigs for three years straight (not to mention the rest of my 20 year smoking habit), I believe that almost all of the nerves in my throat and lungs have been permanently and irreversibly anaesthetised by the clove oil suspended in the smoke I used to inhale more often each day than actual air.  With this in mind, a “perfect” throat hit in my book would be considered a massive, abrasive TH to most others.  Anyways, I seem to be going off on a bit of a sidetrack here.  Guess that’s what happens when one burns the candle at both ends like I do, and decides to write a review at 1:00AM.  The general gist I wish for the reader to take away from this article is that Caterpillar E-Juice’s Ace of Spades is one of those juices that every serious vaper should have in their juice rack/cabinet/drawer/display/carrier/etc.


  1. I just bought a bottle @6mg nic. In the store on the little testers this tasted great, but when I got home and put it in my dripper it was intensely harsh on my throat. I tried a 2nd and 3rd time but could do no more. Waste of kanthol and wool besides my money. Anybody else tried this in a dripper?