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MNG Vape- Banana Nut Bread



I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to try a few of MNG Vape’s newest flavors.  Flavors so new, mind you, that they are not even available ANYWHERE yet, unless you got some insider trading going on with the Mr Nice Men of MNG Vape, like I do.  My friend, who works at MNG’s local bottling plant, recently allowed me to try a clearomizer full of Banana Nut Bread, and I must say that I am duly impressed to the utmost at their mastery of flavor mix-mastery exhibited in this splendiferous E-juice.  Everything that’s great about banana nut bread has it’s perfectly couched place in the entirety of vaping MNG’s E-liquid.  They have a few other flavors coming out, such as Coconut, Cinnamon, Bavarian Cream, Doublemint, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Egg Nog (I believe), and they were all outstanding… but this was by far my favorite of the newest flavors.  Watch your local headshops/vape shops/smoke stores for the addition of this new product to the MNG Vape catalog of flavors.

When first vaping Mr Nice Guy Vape’s Banana Nut Bread E-juice, you will immediately notice a warm, banana flavor… stretched across an underlying bread/dough flavor.  With a French inhale, or by simply allowing the vapor to linger in your mouth for a moment, the nut flavors of pecans and walnuts, and I’d like to say very slight hints of hazelnut and almond, will begin to stand out as they dance around your watering taste buds.  Upon the actual inhale, all of the independent flavors seem to homogenize into a mass of gooey, heavily masticated, fresh-out-of-the-oven banana nut bread, made from scratch by Grandma (not one of those pre-boxed thingies).  let it rumble around in your lungs for a few dozen seconds, just like those ever-present hippie pot-smokers, and allow your recover(ed)ing lungs to soak in the glycerine and metabolize it to pure sugar.  Then exhale slowly… a little through your nose and the rest through your mouth so you can taste and smell the full essence of the Banana Nut Bread.  For me, I’ve noticed that the exhale seems to highlight the batter-like flavored used by the MNG mix-masters to present the unmistakeable presence of actual cake/bread suspended in each, individual molecule of vapor.

The throat hit, in my opinion, is of the utmost importance in any flavor that is supposed to parallel cake-like flavors, or anything else that requires the sensation of dense substance in order to come across to the vaper appropriately.  MNG Vape regularly rolls E-juices with particularly humid and perfectly constituted vapor production off of their bottling assembly machine.  Banana Nut Bread is no exception to this rule.  I like to feel the vapor pass through my throat and down my bronchial tubes.  Once in the lungs, I like the thick, undeniable presence of a good voluminous vapor.  This is obviously a matter of taste, and I know people who prefer much lighter throat hits in their vaping.  MNG Vape uses the American Gold Standard VG/PG mix; 80/20.  This is a true 80/20, taking into account both the PG and the VG used as vehicles for both the flavoring and the nicotine.  There are other companies that measure the VG/PG ratio as what was added after the flavoring and nicotine, so the actual number in these E-juices would be a bit different.  Banana Nut Bread, in my opinion, works really well as a thicker, heavier vapor, because banana nut itself is a thick, dense bread… moist if you bake it right.

I have to say that Banana Nut Bread is probably poised to become MNG Vape’s flagship flavor.  They have many, many great flavors… but this one is bound to be a favorite of most customers.  All of the flavors are perfectly balanced, and they so closely match the intended food taste that one might wonder if the miracle workers over at the MNG laboratory actually melted down a loaf of Grandma’s banana nut bread and poured it into 10ml bottles to ship out to their retailers.  I’m guessing (unless you live in the Melbourne, FL area) that this exciting new flavor will begin hitting stores sometime in the next month.  If you have a local MNG Vape retailer, start asking them for this flavor now, so they can order it.