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Pitbull Vape Juice- Redneck



There’s something very Southern about Pitbull Vape Juice.  All of their flavors allude to some sort of Southeastern United States-inspired subject matter.  This particular one is pretty thinly veiled, in that it’s actually called Redneck!  And the flavor of this juice’s vapor is just as suggestive of a hot summer day on a wrap-around porch in Mississippi with a glass of sweet iced tea and a delectable breakfast as… well, a hot summer day on a wrap-around porch in Mississippi with a glass of sweet iced tea and a delectable breakfast.  When I first vaped this E-liquid, my obsessive brain was suddenly flooded with images from the film Forrest Gump.  I could almost smell the freshly mowed grass.  The basic essence of this Pitbull flavor is reported on their website to be “the best home made fruit salad you’ve ever had.”  This is a good description, but it fails to convey to the reader the complexities involved in this particular concoction.

My first impression of Redneck E-juice by Pitbull was an undeniable presence of a not-too-acidic grapefruit.  As is usual with the enjoyment of grapefruit (especially in the Southern States) the sweet flavor of a thin sugar coating overlays the taste of the grapefruit just like a spoonful of Florida grapefruit meat that’s been covered by a respectable layer of sugar in order to cut down the natural bitterness of the fruit.  There is also an underlying medley of melon flavors in this Pitbull Vape Juice creation.  I detect a hint of cantaloupe, watermelon, and possibly even a smooth honeydew.  The reason behind coating one’s grapefruit in sugar (incidentally, why is it called grapefruit?  What about this particular fruit is grape-like?)  is, as stated previously, to cut down on that intense bitterness caused by the extremely high citric acid content of the fruit.  The sugar cuts the bitter with a very welcome sweetness, and thus is born the ultimate in bitter-sweetness!

Redneck E-juice owes it’s great throat hit and very respectable vapor production to Pitbull Vape Juice’s high standards of ingredients used in the manufacturing process of their E-liquids.  They state on their website that they typically use a 60/40 VG/PG (vegetable glycerine to propylene glycol) ratio.  I generally tell people that I prefer a 70/30 mix… but the higher quality American Food Grade ingredients used in these juices must make up for those extra ten point, because I honestly can’t tell the difference between their 60/40, and some of my favorite 70/30s.  The sweetness of this vape all but nullifies the bitterness effect on the throat as you inhale the vapor.  I vaped this one on my rebuildable atomizer which produces enough fog to cover all of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area… and the inhale was still smooth.  I should elaborate by saying that the atomizer in question produces a vapor so thick, that if you stick your head in it, your hair will become instantly soaked with moisture… complete with forehead drippings.  (I’m only exaggerating slightly here.)  Inhaling something that laden with liquid should either trigger one’s instinctual gag reflex, or just downright drown your lungs and kill you.  But in this case, the inhale is pleasant, but noticeably so.  You will inhale a very thick cloud of tangible steam, and your lungs will thank you for it.

All in all, Pitbull Vape Juice’s Redneck E-juice is an E-liquid for the would-be hall of vaping records.  I recommend it not only because it is such a good vape, but also because it really is an unusual flavor.  I can’t think of any other company that has dared to attempt a grapefruit-flavored E-juice yet.  Pitbull, true to it’s strong, stubbornly confrontational nomenclature, took grapefruit’s volatile, excessively harsh flavor by the proverbial balls and turned it into true art!  I still have three more Pitbull Vape Juice flavor reviews coming up, and the rest of them are just as striking as this… this, immaculate Redneck E-juice!