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The Collection- Jade



I generally don’t devote a whole lot of coverage, if any at all, to the packaging used by E-juice manufacturers… an underwear model in lingerie, and an underwear model in baggy sweats are both the same when the packaging is discarded.  However, the labels used by The Collection E-juices are spectacularly inviting and wonderfully designed, as you can see in the above picture.  The picture, though, doesn’t do it justice.  The lacquered gloss effect is something that must be seen in person.  And the E-liquid inside of this gorgeous packaging is just as spectacular.  I’ve never been much of a cucumber fan, but I’ll be damned if I don’t get excited now, every time I hear about a cucumber-based E-juice.  Jade by The Collection, is a near-perfect combo of cucumber and melon, with a tiny hint of refreshing mintiness.  Essentially, this E-juice is 15ml of pure vaping bliss.

Almost my entire life, I hated cucumbers with a white-hot, plasma sun flare passion… unequalled except by my equally vehement loathing of lettuce.  However, a few years back my wife got a hold of some cucumber/mint body lotion that surprisingly awakened a new love of an old hatred.  Then, about a year after that, my mother made a Japanese/Chinese Christmas dinner.  One of the dishes she prepared for that legendary meal was a slow cooked cucumber shaped like a canoe, the deep-cut divot of which contained an oriental ground pork.  That particular cucumber retained all of its flavor, but was as soft as one of the carrots in chicken noodle soup.  That’s when I realized that it wasn’t so much the taste of cucumber that I despised, but the crunchy texture of the raw vegetable itself.  The flavor is very agreeable, especially in the form of vapor (which is pretty much as opposite as one can get of “crunchy”).  Add to that mix the smooth, delectable essence of melon, plus a small hint of mint, and you have vaping heaven in a clearomizer!  I’ve had a number of cucumber melon/cucumber mint E-juices so far, from a number of different manufacturers.  So far, The Collection’s Jade is tied for first!

A mouth full of Jade vapor, potent in flavor as stated above, slides down the throat upon inhale like that waxed sled that Clark Griswold used in Christmas Vacation.  It’s so smooth and so perfectly enjoyable that I’ve actually overheated my atomizer several times so far since it’s been loaded in my clearo.  The last time, my Evic read “atomizer short” and I had to replace the ProTank atomizer to continue vaping.  Once the vapor reaches the lungs, you will know what a good throat hit is supposed to feel like.  Your exhale will produce more opaque, snow-white vapor than is physically possible based on the strength and duration of your draw.  The vapor production seems to actually increase with your satisfied exhalation of this amazing creation by The Collection.

The Collection’s Jade E-juice would be the perfect vape to start someone out on, if they are just switching from smoking analogs (with those two, tired flavors; tobacco and menthol).  It’s also a great ADV (All Day Vape) for those of us who are more seasoned in the art of electronic cigarette vapage.  The pleasant, calming aroma that will follow you, wherever you go while vaping this juice, will bring a smile to the faces of everyone you pass in the streets.  If you were to take a mini-vacation to Washington D.C., and you vaped this juice in the Capitol building… you might find that all of the political and regulatory pressure being applied to the E-cig industry would immediately lessen.