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Vape33 is showing the world, once again, that they can handle complexity with the sublimity of a true vape magician.  This time, under the label of Sunset Dream, this top shelf E-Juice manufacturer has undertaken to combine butterscotch, caramel, and white chocolate… three flavors that sound as though they must have been used in combination many, many times before.  But when you really think about it.  Milk chocolate and caramel… yes.  Butterscotch… usually by itself or along with nutty, creamy, and/or doughy flavors.  This juice, however, has interwoven these flavors so well, that the essence of white chocolate (if that really is the nearly-transparent ‘third’ flavor I’m detecting) only seems to serve as a booster for the other two.  I used this as my ADV (All Day Vape) for about seven days straight which, as I’m sure you can imagine given my profession, is a damn rare thing.

Butterscotch and caramel blended together in equal amounts effectively creates a very sweet and creamy, sugar cane-esque taste.  Creaminess backed by the creaminess of that white chocolate essence makes Sunset Dream by Vape33 a pure, unearthly pleasure to vape.  The initial intake of vapor into your mouth will first announce that sugar cane flavor to your taste buds.  running some of the fog through your nostrils, either from the back of your throat or with a French inhale, you’ll experience something akin to standing in a candy/fudge/ice cream shop (like Kilwins, for example… or Ghirardelli).  Next, your full inhale will take that precious smoke-like candy down past the back of your tongue and down into your lungs, where according to the State of New York it will proceed to kill you by bursting out of your chest like you’re John Hurt in the film Alien.  Sunset Dream’s creaminess finally comes through upon the exhale (if you make it that far).  This Vape33 creation is a masterful blend, which the mixmaster(s) over at Vape33 should be very proud of.

Now, back to the inhale, which needs more attention in order to do it justice.  The vapor produced through the atomization of Sunset Dream is a thick, milky vapor.  It’s not a light inhale by any stretch of the imagination, but it is smooth.  Anyone who has had a Vape33 E-liquid before, I’m sure, can attest to that full-bodied, robust volume characteristic of all of this A-list brand’s products.  When vaping this juice, there is no mistaking the fact that you are, in fact, vaping.  But that awareness is a very pleasant one and the entire experience, from full clearo (clearomizer) to empty, is one imbued with the nostalgic experience of walking into a candy shop with a couple bucks in your hand that your parents gave you for your allowance… you know, assuming your nostalgia includes an event like this one.

Vape33 is a solid E-juice company.  They have a respectable selection of flavors, but not so many that you begin to wonder if they even take the time to test each flavor before mass-producing it.  This company obviously refuses to turn out a new liquid without being completely satisfied by its flavor and vapability.  If you are looking for an E-liquid company with premium juices for non-premium prices, and a wide selection of very vapable flavors, then look no further.  I have a Facebook friend who just last week told me that he is opening a vape bar over in California.  He asked me which premium E-juices he should start out with.  I gave him the name of Vape33 (specifically suggesting their Sunset Dream, Sticky Bun (review coming soon!), and Caramel Apple), along with several other companies, like MNG Vape, Golden Gate Vapor, Epic Juice, PitBull Vape Juice, Vapor Monkeys, Mount Baker Vapor, and a few others.  My list of top-shelf juice companies is obviously growing… but that just testifies to the fact that America is to E-liquid as Cuba is to Cigars and Italy is to Catholicism.

Use EJC33 coupon code for 15% off of your order!
Use EJC33 coupon code for 15% off of your order!


  1. Your review of Sunset Dream (AND a coupon!) led me to placing an order immediately…Only to have my card type not accepted. When I tried to write to the company, it wouldn’t go through. I got a pop up saying there was an error. I’m really disappointed!

    • Ooh. I’ll forward this and see if we can’t get the ball rollin’ for you. I know they’ve been swamped lately… hopefully due to the awesomeness of my reviewing prowess… so they’re probably trying to get to everyone in turn. But too busy is always better than not busy enough, at least where business is concerned, mama always said.