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Minky Juice- E A Poe


First off… anything that harnesses the power of that certain brand of macabre classiness known only to fans of the late Edgar Allen Poe, can’t be all that bad.  The addition of the raven’s likeness to this particular E-juice’s label simply adds a couple more points positive to the overall review.  Minky Juice (love the name!) has taken that preferred poison of all posthumous artists, otherwise known to the pub-crawling community as the green fairy-inspiring drink, absinthe, and transformed it into an E-liquid aptly named E.A. Poe!  I am a huge fan of this juice, not just because I feel classier while vaping it (you know, in that popular Tim Burton-y sort of way), but because that unmistakable sense-stimulation of that infamous aniseed-based 150+ proof liquor infused with flaming sugar cube.  Unfortunately, I know quite a few people who simply don’t care for that flavor.  Many of us, like myself for example, have had violent disagreements with Jagermeister (or any other licorice-tasting alcohol) and have yet to forgive the anise flavoring for its transgressions.  I have just recently opened myself back up to the flavor with the help of a certain Christmas cookie…

When vaping this Minky Juice juice (Another statement brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department), I immediately was transported back to my childhood.  No, I didn’t down shots of absinthe as a child… I did, however, eat Keebler’s Jingles Christmas cookies by the boxful.  For those of you who have not been gifted with this miracle of pastry creation by the Blessed Saint of Cookies and Stuff, Jingles are green and red sugar-coated cookies that only grace the shelves of your local grocery store around this time of year.  The flavor foundation of these cookies is, of course, aniseed.  Obviously, it’s difficult to make an absinthe-flavored E-juice without being able to add the throat-boiling sting of the high-content, don’t-light-a-match alcohol.  So, if you look at E.A. Poe E-juice more in the light of an aniseed-based, non-alcoholic pastry, like Jingles, the precision accuracy of the flavoring becomes more apparent.  However, if you wish to continue forward with the absinthe metaphor, the aniseed sensation is backed nicely by a sweetness similar to melted sugar cube.

Now, onto the throat hit… E.A. Poe by Minky Juice is a pure pleasure to experience not only in terms of flavor, but also in terms of ease of inhalation and the amount and viscosity of the vapor produced through it’s atomization.  As I’ve always said, I prefer a heavier throat hit than most people.  In fact, when friends ask to taste whatever I happen to be vaping at the moment, they always cough and ask if I’m vaping a 24 or 36mg juice.  I rarely vape anything over a 12mg, but I crank my wattage up enough to still produce a heavy throat hit.  You’d think they would have learned by now… but it appears that Pavlov’s theories are being called into question.  Anyways, this aniseed-flavored liquid responds very well to increases in voltage/wattage, and can be adequately enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their throat hit preferences.

This is the first Minky Juice I’ve tasted, and I am starting off on my journey through the catalog of their offerings with a positive impression.  I still have a few more samples to taste and review, but I am expecting them to come through my gauntlet of score-keeping with flying colors.  E.A. Poe is no slouch in the E-juice department, and is capable of standing side-by-side with the best.  But like I stated previously, you have to be open to the aniseed flavor in order to enjoy this one.  Obviously, not everyone likes every flavor.  Some flavors are more polarized in terms of love/hate than others.  Aniseed is one of those controversial flavors.  If you do like the unique and strong anise/absinthe/Jagermeister taste, then this juice is definitely for you, and it’s solid enough for you to be able to customize to your own vaping habits without losing its quality.