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Vape33- My Morning Vape


ImageI have a VERY difficult time waking up in the morning.  It usually takes me giving myself an inspirational, ex cathedra military order to get my head out of my a** and start moving, much like the inspirational speech of Pope Urban II which spurned Europe into the Crusades to avenge the annihilated population of Manzikert.  If I were a European in Christian Europe back in the 11th Century, and I heard/read this gripping announcement, I would definitely have taken to the warpath with a heavy sword, and a clearomizer full of Vape33’s My Morning Vape, you know, to pump a little Contemporary American courage into my veins.  The fact that the vapor of this amazing E-juice tastes like coffee just goes to show you how serious this vaping experience is when it delivers it’s very descriptive title to your ears, and it’s very strong flavor to your taste buds.

The flavor of My Morning Vape by Vape33 is heavily coffee influenced, with a bit of cream and an underlying English Toffee presence.  Be forewarned that this juice is rich in both full-bodied flavor and dessert-caliber sweetness.  This is a good ADV (All Day Vape) only if you are used to heavier vaping experiences.  As far as coffees go, there are many, many different sorts available out there at your local coffee shops (please don’t think “Starbucks” when I saw “coffee shops.”).  Coffees run the gamut from mild, light roasts to full, dark roasts; from Kona to Jamaican Blue Mountain.  This vape is closer to Jamaican Blue than it is to Kona.  If you are an aficionado of coffee beans, you’ll be well aware that Kona is a smooth coffee, whereas Jamaican Blue is much darker, and generally more acidic.  It’s essentially all a matter of taste.  I personally (while drinking coffee, that is) prefer the smoother roasts and blends of coffees.  While vaping, however, the deeper, more robust flavors seems to come across to the taste buds better than do the lighter ones.

Because of the flavorfulness of My Morning Vape, the throat hit on this juice tends to be a little heavy.  As I’ve pointed out in previous reviews, I usually enjoy the slightly harsher throat hits over those with little to no throat hit.  To reiterate, I smoked heavily for 20 years, many of which were comprised of about 95% filterless clove cigarettes at the rate of about two to three packs per day.  So obviously, I need something with a little more substance in order to feel anything at all as it passes down my throat and into my lungs.  Not everyone is of this disposition, and therefore might find vapes with heavier throat hits such as the Vape33 juice too strong for daily use.  However, it might be a perfect dessert vape or morning vape for you.  The vapor production of this juice is also slightly higher than what I would consider the industry “norm.”

With My Morning Vape, Vape33 once again (and once again, and once again, and once again…) proves to be a heavy hitter when it comes to top shelf E-juice companies.  I have yet to vape any of their products that I wouldn’t gleefully purchase again and again and again.  Their selection is better than most of the top shelf manufacturers, so you are bound to find something that appeals to your particular tastes, even if that something isn’t My Morning Vape.

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Use EJC33 coupon code for 15% off of your order!