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Vape33- Cowboy Blend Menthol



Vape33 excels at flavor, as I’ve been so privileged to experience over the past few weeks.  Cowboy Blend Menthol is certainly no exception to this rule.  The unfiltered, sing-hand-rolled cowboy cig essence is unmistakably present, and calls to mind the Duke (that’s John Wayne for all you youngsters out there… Google him) riding on a horse made of solid T-rex leather and cast iron.  And then there’s the menthol  Ah, the menthol.  OK.  Imagine you’re in Antarctica, and its August (I believe that’s the middle of winter down yonder).  It’s 4AM and the mother of all blizzards is a-blowin’ hard!  You’re wearing a G-string and nylon socks… and nothing else.  The temperature is Pluto at it’s farthest point from the sun… record-setting lows, even for Antarctica.  A penguin just froze in front of you, then as its soul left its body, its little penguin soul also instantly froze and fell back to the ground.  Standing next to you is a witch, wearing a brass brazier, cackling at you in an icy cold, raspy voice.  You draw in your final breath, and as you do the entire continent vaporizes (witch and all) and enters your lungs in its entirety all at once.  It’s so damn cold that the freezing sensation actually travels backwards in time and freezes the big bang and negates all of existence.  That scenario is equal to about 1/10th of the icy menthol magnitude of this Vape33 concoction.

Alrighty, so maybe I was exaggerating a bit.  The above metaphor is more like 1/5th of the menthol-y-ness of Vape33’s Cowboy Blend Menthol… not 1/10th.  But for serial, we’re talking about a high-powered menthol here.  Obviously, this vape isn’t for everyone, but if you are, or were, a Newport, Kool, or Camel Crush Menthol smoker, then you’ve already done about a thousandth of the legwork necessary to prepare yourself for the ultimate in menthol experiences.  The tobacco flavors present here are very akin to a rich, full-bodied maduro cigar tobacco.  I can’t stress enough the fact that this E-juice is not for amateurs, but if you are a professional menthol aficionado, then you’re going to truly enjoy this vape.  You might instantaneously kill the whole Universe, making Hitler pale in comparison, but you will then have experienced the best the all of God’s green multiverse has to offer in menthol.

The throat hit, while smooth and definitely recognizable as probably a 70/30 VG/PG (Vegetable Glycerine/Propylene Glycol) blend, is something of a unique experience… what with the whole inhalation of an entire frozen, glacier-ridden continent thing.  You will be able to feel that signature coolness pass down every centimeter of your throat, swirl around in brilliant plumes of billowing vapor inside your lungs, and pass in icy surges throughout your entire vascular system, eventually passing out of your fingertips like Emperor Palpatine Dark-Side lightning bolts.  And those lightning bolts will most likely result in the smoking remains of your nemesis… and that smoke will almost duplicate the visual appeal of the thick and respectable vapor produced by even the most pedestrian of clearomizers while atomizing Vape33’s Cowboy Blend Menthol.

So, in conclusion, here we have the king of all menthols, brought to you by the wizards over at the Vape33 laboratories.  Their Cowboy Blend Menthol E-juice combines an Iceman-Cometh-caliber, frigid, minty menthol with a dark, fully cured, mature maduro tobacco.  To the untrained palate, it might seem that a classic tobacco/menthol combo would be a fairly basic, novice-level blend.  It is not, and the many nuances possible in this mixture, along with the countless types of menthol flavorings and the veritable plethora of tobacco flavoring molecules make this masterpiece stand out all the more impressively against the many competitors in the E-juice market.