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I have mentioned in several other reviews that I am becoming an appreciator of those smaller, micro-manufacturers that focus not on variety, but carefully and diligently formulated quality.  Elements E-Juice company has necessarily, by virtue of their name, limited themselves to only four flavors… unless they come up with a few others like “Plasma” and “The Fifth Element” (with permission from Sony Pictures, of course).  But for now, we are dealing with just the four traditional elements… Wind, Water, Fire (or Fyre, as Elements has chosen to give this third one an Olde English twist), and of course Earth.  For the purposes of this particular review, it’s this last one that we (that’s the imperial “we,” to keep with the Olde English feel) will be focusing on in detail… and with all of its complexity and various flavor subtleties, detail is required to do this marvelous E-liquid justice.

“Complexity of flavor” is a phrase that is plumb necessary in an accurate description of Element’s Earth.  We begin with a product of one of the greatest gifts God has placed on this Green Earth… chocolate!  But this isn’t just some normal, run-of-the-mill, convenience store chocolate.  With this juice, we are speaking more in terms of obscure truffles flown into the country via unicorn from an unreachable-except-by-foot monastery perched about a block and a half from Zeus’ retirement home on Mount Olympus.  Essentially, we’re dealing with a sweetened, creamy dark chocolate here.   Now, concerning the other, more subtle flavor presences… If you’ve ever been into one of those more upscale chocolate chops like those found in Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, you’ve no doubt seen and even tastes those wallet-emptying, credit card-maxing chocolate truffles rolled in cocoa dust.  That unmistakeable cocoa dust taste is definitely present in this juice, separate from and complimentary to the creamy dark chocolate itself.  As I sit here and vape Earth E-juice by Elements, I’m also picking up on a small hint of a nutty inclusion, although I’m not entirely sure which nut variety(ies) I’m tasting here.

The throat hit of this amazing concoction is a truly a wonder to behold.  Thick plumes of smoke-like clouds are produced off of this Elements E-juice by even the most pedestrian of CE-series clearomizers.  I vaped this on a CE-5, a Pro-Tank (both on my Evic), and a Trident Dripper on a Zorro Plug-in.  Earth E-liquid yields a throat hit smoother than a baby’s recently powdered bottom.  Essentially, we’re breathing in the atmosphere of the uppermost tier of Heaven when we inhale the Godly vapor of Elements homage to the terrestrial element.  I think it’s safe to assume that this juice has been blended by expert mixmasters on an 80/20 VG/PG (Vegetable Glycerine/Propylene Glycol) foundation.  But I’m also betting that this is a true 80/20 mix.  Many mixmasters don’t take into account the VG and/or PG content used as a base in both their flavorings and nicotine suspensions.  When those contents are taken into consideration, then and only then will the label of 80/20 VG/PG blend be completely accurate.

This is my first first of four reviews for the Elements E-Juice company.  So far, this unparalleled E-liquid manufacturer is batting a thousand.  Elements’ Earth is the perfect example of what types of fruits can be yielded through patient diligence in the sculpting of a true masterpiece.  Don’t let the lack of variety in their flavors fool you… when you turn out results which achieve even half of what these juices have accomplished, you don’t need variety because the power of your small selection of crafted pieces of inspired art will carry you through.