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MInky Juice- Belly Dancer


Everything has it’s best.  There is a Platonic Form of all things in the Universe.  Consider coffee, for example; Kona and Jamaican Blue carry the national standard for the Kingdom of Java.  The frapped liver of tortured geese take on the unassuming name of “foie grois” and lead the march for all of you foodies out there.  Cigars owe their allegiance to the land of communism and impressive beards better known as Cuba.  Florida houses the best orange groves.  Chicago births the world’s greatest pizza (Sorry, New York… I have loyalties!)  And Turkey produces the best cigarette tobacco in the known Multiverse.  I’d even go so far as to say that the hobbits in the Tolkien-conceived Shire couldn’t even match it.  Minky Juice has created this E-juice and named it Belly Dancer in order to harness one of the most readily recognizable visual cues of Middle Eastern culture.  And in the belly of Belly Dancer resides the real, true essence of Turkish tobacco.

Now, Minky Juice in their arrogance decided that they wished to improve upon perfection.  Their arrogance, however, in this particular case is totally justified.  The complex flavor bouquet of Belly Dancer builds on the Turkish tobacco base by adding a small blend of complimentary spices and a pinch of orange peel to the robust yet smooth tastefulness of the tobacco.  The result is superb in every sense.  The spice content is subtle, but I feel as though I’m detecting a gentle, homogenized blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and possibly cardamom.  The orange is just perfectly on the bitter side, which is why I analogize to orange peel.  The Turkish tobacco, like all E-juice versions of tobacco, tastes most like the smell of the fresh cut and cured tobacco leaves themselves, rather than like the burnt smoke version of those same leaves.  Together with the orange spice, the tobacco of Belly Dancer E-juice is good enough to become the flagship flavor of the Minky Juice E-juice company.

Throat hits with tobacco-based E-juices are tricky.  Depending on the tobacco flavor you’re going for, you need to make sure that your throat hit matched the expected inhalation smoothness (or harshness) of that particular strand of tobacco.  If you are trying to nail the flavor of a Marlboro Red, your throat hit should be a bit on the heavy and harsh side.  If, like in the case of Minky Juice’s Belly Dancer, you are attempting to capture the spirit of Turkish tobacco in your vaping experience, you need to be going for a smoother, lighter throat hit without losing the full-flavored essence of the tobacco itself.  Obviously, this requires a bit of experimentation in the VG/PG department.  Enough vegetable glycerine needs to be used to take away a lot of that harshness, and enough propylene glycol to keep the vapor feeling like actual cigarette smoke.  The lab guys over at Minky Juice must have taken their time making sure that they were going to get this flavor just right!  The thick vapor production of vaporized Belly Dancer (wow, there’s an image… Dear NSA, we’re talking about vaporized E-juice here, not vaporized belly dancing females.  Don’t read this out of context!) testifies to the amount of trial and error that went into the formulation of this juice.

All in all, what we have here is a juice that pushes the envelope of what we all thought possible in the world of E-liquid manufacturing.  Minky Juice has taken the world’s most readily recognizable type of tobacco (thanks, of course, to that Camel guy with a cigarette in his constantly gum-chewing mouth) and turned into a vapor masterpiece.  Tobacco, orange peel, and a selection of traditional spices… all make Belly Dancer the juice that will carry Minky Juice into the conversations of many a vape-geek at vape shops across the country.  I would like to see someone, hopefully Minky Juice (having proved that they have what it takes), attempt to capture the long-lost palate-stimulating flavor of Three Castles rolling tobacco.  Three Castles was a 50/50 blend of Turkish tobacco and English-grown golden Virginia tobacco.  Back when I was a connoisseur of smoking tobacco, that was my absolute favorite rolling tobacco blend to buy.  I bet that Minky Juice would truly do it justice.