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This new line of E-Juice is one that will soon become a household name… in the houses of vape aficionados, that is.  Original Vaper makes a grand entrance into the world of E-cigarettes with a carefully and expertly mixed selection of four introductory E-juices.  First and foremost in this introductory set is Machine Gunn Kelly, which is tantamount to starting a Michael Bay movie with a Nuclear Explosion that actually bleeds out of the screen and irradiates the entire audience… in a good way, of course.  The Holiday Season may be over until next month when Pennies puts the Christmas Tree Display back up for the ’14 X-mas season, but that doesn’t make those beloved Holiday flavors taste any less wonderful and joyous!  If I were to ask you, my dear readership, to name two Holiday flavors without thinking about it, the vast majority of you would name the same two flavors.  And those two flavors are easy to find individually in E-juice form.  But combined, together, in one blend… that’s a rarity!

Pumpkin Spice and Spiced Eggnog blend seamlessly together to make Machine Gunn Kelly.  I get the impression, however, that the flavoring used during the creation of this gold medallist E-liquid is not your standard, average pumpkin spice, or spiced eggnog.  I want to say that the spice(s) were brought in separately and added to a basic pumpkin and basic eggnog flavor.  While it may be true that some of those pre-mixed flavorings out there actually taste great, I like the idea of being able to hone the exact amounts of each individual flavoring in order to ensure that your intended vapor tastes exactly the way you want it.  I think the mix-masters over at Original Vaper feel the same way.  While vaping Machine Gunn Kelly, I felt like I was holding a warm Thompson Sub-Machine Gun (Tommy Gun for my non-firearms literate readership) in my lap over a pile of freshly mowed discontents… while sitting in a comfy chair before my blazing hearth, sipping on Holiday eggnog while munching on delectable portions of freshly baked pumpkin pie with a touch of whipped cream.  And that’s exactly what I want to taste almost every moment of every day of my life.

A creamy flavor deserves an equally creamy throat hit… and Original Vaper’s Machine Gunn Kelly does not disappoint in these regards.  The vapor itself feels like a light pumpkin pie/eggnog moose soufflé as it passes down into your lungs.  I’m not even going to try to guess at what combination of elements went into creating a near-flawless throat hit like this one, but I’m sure there are professional mix-masters behind this Olympic-grade victory.  When tasting a new vapor, I have a series of movements I go through in order to complete my process of rating.  Among these is the holding of a cupped hand (usually mine, occasionally the cold, deceased victim of a brutal machine gunning) in front of my mouth in order to “catch” the vapor on the exhale and continue to taste in both an oral and olfactory capacity until the vapor dissipates to the point of disappearing completely from sight.  Occasionally, I come across a juice like this one where I eventually have to remove my cupped hand from my mouth because the vapor itself just refuses to dissipate completely due to the heavy thickness of it.  My scoring system reflects this (read my PDF of Juice Ratings for E-liquid scores by manufacturer and flavor) in three of my five rating categories; Throat Hit, Vapor Production, and Olfactory Rating.

There is very little else I can say about Original Vaper’s Machine Gunn Kelly E-Juice that is capable of capturing in the vernacular the exquisite nature of this superb vape.  All I can really do at this point is to urge you, my vape-crazed audience, to keep on the lookout for this newly released E-juice brand.  It may take a short while for it to find its way into your neck of the woods… or it may already be there.  Just give it a try as soon as you possibly can.  You will not be disappointed in the least.

Click image to visit Original Vaper's website!
Click image to visit Original Vaper’s website!