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The Mad Alchemist- Fairy Dust Elixir


Here we have one of the most enjoyably perplexing E-juices I’ve yet to come across.  The Mad Alchemist has taken a number of usual suspects in the world of vaping flavors and combined them together in such a way as to produce a flavor that is wholly unlike any of its constituent parts.  The aptly named Fairy Dust Elixir is a fruity, sugary bastion to the art of E-liquid blending.  I am truly a fan of flavors that I am forced to keep vaping and vaping in order to pinpoint all of the elusive flavors involved in a multi-levelled, palate-stimulating concoction like this one.  One thing I can say for sure about this juice is that it is sweet.  So sweet, in fact, that I’m almost shocked that the bottle lacks a warning label detailing the dangers that this elixir poses to diabetes sufferers.  Imagine an extremely magnified image of a cloud of vapor, and in each of those countless, floating droplets of liquid sits perfectly symmetrical, multi-colored sugar granules.  I think that’s where the “Dust” part of the name comes from.

I often cheat a bit in my E-juice tasting procedures, in that I sometimes visit an E-juice manufacturer’s website in order to check the descriptions of the flavors I am tasting, just to make sure I’m not experiencing any gustatory hallucinations.  Also, more often than not, I’m stuck in a situation where I just can’t put my finger on a certain flavor with no visual aid.  When this happens, I almost always see the juice’s description on the website and say, “Oh, of course.  How did I not guess that?”  Not with The Mad Alchemist’s Fairy Dust Elixir.  When I saw “strawberries, apples, and pears in the descriptive copy next to the E-liquid’s graphic, I was shocked.  My first puff of this interesting vapor immediately brought to mind several of the various pixie stick E-juice renditions I’ve tasted in the past.  Several re-drips later I began tasting an apple/pear/sugar cane sort of blend.  A rebuild and another few re-drips finally brought out that Strawberry, which is now unmistakeable as I am writing this review.  All in all, this a complex blend of various fruits and sugars with waves of flavor that all come together to offer a sweet, professionally-created candy essence.

But that’s not even my favorite part of Fairy Dust Elixir.  Each of those magical, little granules of perfectly formed, rainbow sugars, weighs down that vapor just enough to make it feel like you’re actually breathing a soft, heavenly nectar of pure sweetness from God Himself.  Remember the film, The Abyss?  In the climax of the movie, Ed Harris’ character dons the liquid-breathing suit so he can drop down to the bottom of the bottomless pit so he can take a 50/50 crapshoot with a nuke and then make nice with the underwater, acrylic and LED versions of Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still.  (If you haven’t seen the Director’s Cut of the movie, you probably won’t get that last reference.)  Anyways, little did we know back in the late ’80s, when the Abyss saw its initial theatrical release, that by the time Doc Brown and Marty arrived in Hill Valley, 2015, that we’d actually be able to “breath” liquid in the form of an unnaturally thick, soothingly humid nicotinated vapor from an electronic cigarette.  I would not, however, suggest deep sea diving while vaping The Mad Alchemist’s E-liquid creations.  The results are likely to be heinous in nature.

All joking and elaborate analogies aside, The Mad Alchemist has hit a home run, out of the park, during their very first at-bat of the game.  Their Fairy Dust Elixir is something unique and refreshing to the world of gourmet E-juice, and should be celebrated as such by all those who appreciate the complexities and many variations of E-cigarette liquids.  Never before have I seen an E-juice so deceptively spectacular in so many different ways.  In fact, this juice is the real-life, E-liquid equivalent of the gum from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; every moment brings another full course of flavor!  Kudos, Mad Alchemist!  You may be mad, but in your madness is an unparalleled genius that the world is sorely lacking these days.