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Zen Mind Vapor- Elephas Dew


There is something to be said for all of the traditional E-juice fruit flavors; blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, cherry, mango, peached, and the like.  Occasionally you’ll see a few non-traditional fruits pop up, such as lychee, currant, etc.  It’s a rare mind, however, that will take a few of the more non-traditional flavors and combine them in a way that makes you wonder why God didn’t create a fruit that tastes exactly like the combination of the constituent fruits.  I think it may have something to do with our celestial obligation towards the culinary arts, but I digress into a deeper, theological realm.  Snap, back to the juice review.  Here we have Zen Mind Vapor, and no, I’m not continuing along the theological track, that actually is their name.  By a stroke of pure genius, their brilliant mix master(s) have struck pure gold with their Elephas Zen, a kiwi/fig combination with a hint of honeysuckle binding the two together perfectly.

There are flavor combinations where each individual flavor is still discernible separately, and there are flavor combinations that meld together to form an entirely new flavor.  The latter species is that of Zen Mind Vapor’s Elephas Dew.  Before tasting this E-liquid for the first time, I saw the word “Dew” and did what all good consumers are trained to do; I immediately thought about a certain highly-caffeinated, carbonated beverage by PepsiCo.  In actuality, this strange but delicious blend of flavors has very little in common with Mountain Dew, except for the fact that it is, in fact, its own, unique flavor.  The kiwi and the fig come together nicely to form a bittersweet combination.  The smooth, light-weight sweetness of the kiwi and the heavy-handed, robust flavor of the fig fit together like male and female jigsaw puzzle pieces.  Then the honeysuckle comes in and seals the flavors together to form a new flavor that can only be accurately described as… Elephas Dew!

A deep inhale of the atomized vapor of Elephas Dew can only be described as a religious experience, which is apropos to a product of a company named Zen Mind Vapor, I suppose.  The vapor of this remarkable E-juice is light, reminiscent of meringue or mousse.  It flows gently down the throat and into the lungs, maintaining its unmatched flavor all the way down, and all the way back out.  I haven’t found many E-liquids capable of delivering a “finishing note” as strong as that of Elephas Dew.  And the vapor production of this juice on my Kraken, Vision Eternity, and even in my friend’s T-3 clearo was very impressive for such a light textured cloud of pseudo-smoke.  Everything about this vaping experience is actually supernatural in nature, again apropos to the manufacturer’s Eastern Religion-inspired name.  Flavors are supposed to taste like whichever edible substance they are named after, not change into something heretofore unheard of and completely new.  Heavily flavored E-juice vapor isn’t supposed to produce a light and airy throat hit.  There is something miraculous about this mysterious E-liquid mixture.

If Elephas Dew is indicative of the character of E-juice products manufactured by Zen Mind Vapor, then I am very excited about their other flavors, waiting for their turn at the tasting in my suddenly-too-small-for-my-hobby backpack.  If this trend towards magical transformations of flavors and contradictory yet exquisite flavor combinations continues, I think I’m going to love this juice manufacturer…


  1. I bought some samples from them on a whim. The Atlantic City is the best juice I’ve ever tried. Caramel apple with a “blast” of absinthe. Those reading your review may think you are over stating the feeling you get when you vape ZMV juice but I can confirm it’s a spiritual experience. I haven’t found another juice that comes close in all around pleasure.