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I normally review USA or European-made E-liquids, so when a beautifully packaged (during the day I work in shipping and appreciate a good, well boxed shipment) box of E-juices came to me in my trusty, old vape-mailbox… all the way from the Philippines on the other side of the planet, I was slightly apprehensive at first.  So, not being one to stall on the threshold of adventure, I dug right in and grabbed a random bottle.  The Golden Drops bottle I pulled out first bore the name of DBG, an acronym of unknown meaning.  I’m guessing that it stands for something along the lines of Dat Bomb diGgitty, or possibly Damn Beautiful Geuse (pronounced as in Betelgeuse).  Either way, as far as I’m concerned, it stands for Awesome Friggin’ Juice.  I wasn’t expecting something quite so complex, though, and it took me a long time to really pin down my feelings about this magnificent anthem to Philippine E-juice manufacturing.

The flavor, as stated above, is complex and hard to really nail down.  I feel like there are present here more than just three or four simple flavors combined one on top of the other.  I can’t help but think that the birthing of Golden Drops’ DBG began very humbly with a lemon-lime/menthol base fully steeped and more-than-adequately homogenized.  Then, the addition of at least a few citrus flavors like orange and tangerine, and possibly a few rarely-seen-in-the-States Philippine-native fruits.  Finally, as if that wasn’t enough to perfect an amazing flavor, I really want to say that I am detecting an actual mint sprig inclusion, separate but complimentary to the menthol.  The end result is something that can only be described as a gourmet Italian soda.  The truly amazing thing about this vape is that it actually seems to quench your thirst.  The addition of the menthol to such a complex combination of flavors all on top of that readily recognizable soda-like, lemon-lime foundation, has the effect of making your soda flavored vaping experience feel cool to the throat, as if the soda itself was chilled on ice!  This is the first time I’ve come across an E-juice that delivered this unique and almost magical effect.

This soda on ice effect ties perfectly into the actual throat hit of this E-liquid’s vapor.  DBG E-juice quite literally slides down the throat like liquid, you know, without the hacking and coughing normally associated with liquid in the lungs.  That cooling sensation gives life to the other flavors, especially the lemon-lime, and turns them into a blissful, heavenly rain for your soul.  The vapor produced by the atomization of this Golden Drops product is perfectly thick for its flavor without overdoing it.  A deep lung hit off of a Genesis atty or a dripper will obviously give you a much more respectable, massive exhale of San Francisco fog upon the exhale.  However, even a more modest ProTank or even something as pedestrian as a GS-series or CE-series clearo will yield a perfectly enjoyable cloud of vaporized 50/50 VG/PG mix.

This juice opens up a whole new world of vaping for me.  I haven’t had the opportunity before these graciously accepted samples from Golden Drops to delve into the Philippine E-cigarette industry.  Now, like any self-respecting E-juice fanatic, I must have more.  DBG is a great example of professional E-juice manufacturing.  It’s obvious upon tasting this juice that quality ingredients were used in its creation and expert mixmasters had a hand in its flavoring.  I am looking forward to trying my next Golden Drops flavor, which will be happening about 45 seconds or so after I click on the “Publish Post” button at the bottom right corner of this page.  Soon you will be reading another (hopefully) glowing review of Golden Drops E-juice.