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ECI Vaping- Gold Ducat


I’m on a foreign E-juice kick at the moment, and despite my trepidations I’m actually finding that contrary to my American sense of entitlement and superiority, there are many master mixers of E-liquid in every corner of Earth… except in the Dekang factory in China.  Sorry, guys, but In the immortal words of Shakespeare, a turd by any other name would smell as horrid (I’m paraphrasing).  ECI (E-Cig Israel) Vaping, which operates outside of the United States in… surprise!… Israel, has harnessed the genius of those tobacco chemists at the world-renowned Inawera company to create their Gold Ducat electronic cigarette liquid.  The ducat, historically speaking, is pictured above and refers to a pre-WWI Austrian gold coin… which incidentally would be worth about ten billion dollars today, or whatever the price of gold has skyrocketed to of late.  The flavor of this well-thought-out tobacco E-juice concoction is worth its weight in gold, at least as far as the juice aficionado goes, so the nomenclature of this bottle of liquid nicotine is apropos.

I was practically born a connoisseur of all things tobacco/nicotine-related.  For those who are not proficient in the language and practices of the tobacco arts, the notorious bearer of nicotine comes in many, many subtle variations.  In Gold Ducat, you’ll find a gentle mixture of golden Virginia and natural Cavendish.  This is definitely not a black Cavendish or maduro-type of tobacco flavor, in that the taste itself is much more reminiscent of the lighter-colored cut tobacco leaves than those darkened, heavily-cured “throatier” tobacco tastes.  Now, working up from that light, airy, golden tobacco foundation ECI Vaping has added a touch of a sweet, white wine and something akin to the earthy flavor of a wooden cigar tip.  I’ve spent many an hour vaping this juice trying to pinpoint that wine flavor exactly, and I feel as though I’m tasting a Riesling wine in this wild blend of perfectly complimentary flavors.

Throat hit is important in any E-juice, let alone a tobacco-based juice designed specifically to imitate every associated sensation of smoking an analog tobacco of some sort.  ECI Vaping knows this and has figured this most important characteristic into their calculations while birthing their proud brainchild, Gold Ducat juice.  Even the deepest of lung hits off of a sub-ohm quad coil running on a variable wattage battery cranked up to the max will result in a velvety toking experience comparable to vaping a 100% VG juice from a standard T-3 on an eGo-Twist.  And all of that brilliant vaporous smoothness comes on the back of a 65% PG blend!  The physical properties of the vapor itself match the sense qualities in every aspect.  A good atomizer… doesn’t even have to be a great atomizer… will spawn a cloud of bright white vapor so smooth and hearty that you’ll want to wrap yourself up in it and take a blissful nap full of puffy, white dreams.

ECI Vaping, together with Golden Drops from the Philippines, has convinced me beyond the shadow of any doubt whatsoever to broaden the reach of my E-juice reviewership beyond our shores and over to the old country, the older country, and Japan!  I just hope and pray with every last bit of my existence that the morons in the leadership of E.U. and the various world and national “health” agencies stand strong for what’s right and just regarding that ongoing E-cigarette “debate.”  Assuming the intrusive bureaucrats of the world don’t snuff out smokers’ hope of salvation, ironically in the name of “health,” we could see companies like ECI Vaping actually become established as both a valid method of smoking cessation and a healthy, enjoyable new hobby.  Flavors like Gold Ducat will be instrumental, when this happens, in providing a segue of recovery for the typical, suffering smoker and a continued venue of beloved tobacco flavors for all of the aficionados out there who truly enjoy their analog nicotine habits, despite the dangers.